Renting a Bike or Moped in the Caribbean

Bikes and mopeds let travelers get close to nature in the Caribbean

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Having Fun in the Caribbean

Two-wheeled vehicles are a fun way to explore all the scenery and personality of your Caribbean island paradise without spending a lot of money.

Many of the larger Caribbean hotels and resorts will rent bikes to guests, or have an agreement with a nearby company for preferential rates. Even if they do not, the concierge desk should be able to direct you to a location at which you can rent one. Scooters and motor bikes are sometimes available through car rental agencies; other times they are offered independently.  Remember that it may be harder than you expect to drive a scooter or motor bike over rough terrain and bumpy roads.  Where feasible, you might want to stick to flat and well paved roads. For a scenic tour, rent a mountain bike and explore lush nature and spectacular vistas. Mountain bikes are available for rental on the more mountainous islands.

Here are the rental basics:

Vehicle Approximate Daily Rental Costs Approximate Weekly Rental Costs
Bicycles $10(USD) to $25(USD) Often discounted
Scooters $20(USD) $130(USD)
Motorbikes $25(USD) $160(USD)

On most Caribbean islands, you will need to pay a deposit, carry insurance, and have the proper driving permits to rent a motor bike, moped or scooter.


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