Arts and Entertainment

The islands of the Caribbean have plenty to offer those who wish to expand their artistic horizons

With music playing nearly everywhere, it's easy to see that culture abounds in the Caribbean. Finding specific cultural events can take a little more planning, but there is always something going on in the islands.

Music and dance permeate nearly every aspect of Caribbean life. In fact, many hotels offer dancing and music nightly, while some offer special folkloric dance presentations or modern dance lessons. While hotels aren't the only places to witness such cultural expressions, they often make it easy for travelers to take a taste.

The popularity of Caribbean music and dance have brought both to the world stage, and some troupes tour outside of the region, while CDs of popular Caribbean musicians are easily available as well. But music and dance aren't the region's only cultural exports.

Caribbean artists are breaking onto the world art scene, bringing with them a unique vision of the world based on the bright colors and beautiful cultures of the islands. Literature is another way that the unique Caribbean lifestyle has been brought to light in the world theater.

Locally made crafts are an interesting island export. Each location offers its own twist on crafts, from the festival masks of Puerto Rico, to the internationally common items made from woven palm leaves.

While the Caribbean's culture is becoming well-known to the rest of the world in many other forms, film is making the Caribbean's scenery easily accessible to viewers. In addition, as these countries grow, so do their own film industries, giving non-islanders yet another way to get a feel for Caribbean life.

While plays from Europe and the U.S. are produced in the islands, the Caribbean is home to its own writers and talented actors as well. Catching a show in the islands can offer you a unique look into island activities.

With so many ways to experience art and culture, it's clear that the Caribbean is full of both. In fact, the hardest part of your vacation may be choosing which kinds of entertainment to experience!


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