Each island in the Caribbean is home to its own native crafts

Travelers will find handmade pieces of art using local materials throughout the Caribbean. From pottery to figurines and masks, there is an abundance of crafts on the islands - and plenty of places to find them.

Kinds of Crafts

Pottery is particularly popular throughout much of the Caribbean. The Taínos originally created pottery using local red clay, a craft still practiced today. Now, visitors can buy these crafts as souvenirs throughout the Caribbean.

Palm fronds can be woven into many things, including hats. These make popular souvenirs, as well. Coconuts are also popular items to carve, and the tagua nut is found throughout the Caribbean edge of South and Central America. It, too, is carved into souvenirs.

Other crafts include masks and dolls. Santeros and masks in Puerto Rico are particularly popular. Saints are said to watch over each town, and their dolls are popular throughout the country. Masks are generally used during several festivals throughout the year on the island, and can be found on other islands as well.

Taking them Home

No trip to the Caribbean is complete without a few souvenirs, and many travelers purchase local crafts. Some crafts are displayed in museums, but you can get a hands-on view at local markets.

For example, Curacao's floating market offers a variety of crafts and jewelry. The outdoor market also offers plenty of fruits and vegetables and items from Venezuela.

In the Bahamas, particularly in well-touristed areas, finding trinkets and other souvenirs is extremely easy. The Bimini Native Straw and Craft Market is one of the most visited handy-craft marketplaces in the archipelago.

No matter where you go, you'll be sure to find plenty of local variety and a number of beautiful handcrafted items. Local crafters and vendors are extremely common throughout the Caribbean.


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