Outlets and Voltage in the Caribbean

Electrical service differs from island to island in the Caribbean

Photo credit: © Andriy Solovyov | Dreamstime.com

Caribbean Electricity

Many travelers fail to plan for a possible difference in electrical service in the more remote areas of the Caribbean. Learn about possible problems and how to arrive prepared.

Electricity is available on every major island of the Caribbean. Some islands are serviced with 110-volt, 60- cycle electricity, as in the United States; your U.S.-made appliances should operate on these islands. Others operate on a 220-volt current, just as most of Europe, so European-made appliances should work in these places. Be sure to bring a transformer and adapter for appliances that don't fit into either of these categories, and keep in mind that if you're island hopping, some of your appliances could work on one island and not another.

Some hotels and resorts provide adapters and transformers, but be sure to call ahead to confirm availability. Be aware that Caribbean hotels may sometimes run short on supply, and the safest option may be to bring your own converter equipment to ensure your electricity.


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