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A vacation to the Caribbean wouldn't be complete without an opportunity to enjoy some of the regional seafood, and with so many delicious options, the only challenge will be deciding which one you like best.

From large game fish such as mahi-mahi and marlin to the smaller grouper and red snapper, the seas of the Caribbean provide many delicacies. You may also try conch, another ocean offering, which can be grilled, deep fried or cooked in chowder. If you're feeling adventurous, try sea urchins. Crabs are plentiful and come boiled or stuffed.

Other seafood options are served grilled with butter and garlic, steamed, or boiled, and include spiny lobster, a clawless, warm-water crustacean also known as "langouste" or "rock lobster"; crayfish, known to Americans as "crawfish" or "crawdads"; prawns, also called Florida or Caribbean lobsterette; and shrimp. "Flying Fish" is a featured item in Barbados. On the French-owned islands of the Caribbean, you can expect traditionally rich sauces, the light treatments of modern French cuisine, and delicate grilling.


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