Travel Fundamentals for the Caribbean

Basic facts all travelers need for planning their Caribbean trip

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It is always a good time to visit the Caribbean. Whether you are looking for warm weather, travel deals, or all of the conveniences of home, the islands of the Caribbean have it all.

During the off-season (mid-April to mid-December) you can take advantage of greatly reduced hotel and air travel prices. You can even find ways to save during peak season - travel packages, for example, generally offer an overall discount on travel and lodgings. Whether you're after an upscale resort adventure or cozy guest house experience, great deals are available if you take the time to look for them. Visit our Accommodations Guide for much more information.

The islands of the Caribbean will be your favorite escape whether you're traveling alone, as part of a couple, or with family. You may choose to visit multiple islands - certainly they all have unique charms. For example, has a magnificent physical landscape with boulders and dazzling beaches, while has tropical rain forests ripe for discovery. Wherever you go, you'll find it easy to get around. Rent a bicycle, take a taxi, or drive your own rental car around the islands for back road exploration. Before you go, read up on customs regulations and safety tips to make sure your trip is worry-free.

The Caribbean is an extraordinary blend of carefree living and modern convenience. Despite its laid back charm, the region boasts all the technological comforts of home. Cellular phone service, automated teller machines (ATMs), premium medical facilities, and express mail services are all available. More and more often, free Wi-Fi hot spots are popping up throughout the Caribbean, and many resorts and hotels now offer Internet access to their guests. On top of this, there are several islands such as the and where visitors can stop into and Internet cafe and rent the use of a computer and Internet services for a period of time.

In the Caribbean, the choice is yours: you can spend a lazy afternoon on the beach, or visit a trendy shop; soak up native languages, or lounge on a cruise ship deck.

Caribbean travel is an adventure with extraodinary attractions and activities, a relaxing vacation, or both, waiting to happen.


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