Wind in Caribbean in January

Wind and Other Conditions by Island

Even though most vacationers imagine that weather patterns in the Caribbean are comprised more of sunshine than of wind , the best conditions are often a combination of the two. Vacationers who have chosen a destination that receives balmy breezes are in for a treat. Many people don't realize how nice tropical weather can feel , even on the warmest of days.

The strong winds that made it easy for early sailors to locate the Caribbean remain important today , offering a break from uncomfortably warm temperatures. Below you'll find a listing that can help you to anticipate the wind conditions you may experience in various islands throughout the Caribbean. We ranked each island by the prevailing speed of the breezes , but we have also included information about the prevailing wind direction and stronger gusts.

Monthly Wind Details in The Caribbean
Monthly Average
Speed (KTS)
Gust (KTS)
Antigua & Barbuda N 17.0 44.0
Aruba E 14.0 58.0
Bermuda SW 14.0 71.0
Curacao E 14.0 55.0
Jamaica E 12.0 50.0
Puerto Rico ENE 11.0 35.0
St. Lucia E 11.0 30.0
U.S. Virgin Islands E 11.0 54.0
Barbados E 11.0 58.0
Cayman Islands ENE 10.0 40.0
St. Maarten E 10.0 51.0
Martinique E 9.0 60.0
Mexican Caribbean E 8.0 26.0
Bahamas E 8.0 40.0
Guadeloupe E 8.0 46.0
Trinidad & Tobago E 8.0 25.0
St. Kitts & Nevis ENE 7.0 27.0
Turks and Caicos Islands N.A. 7.0 45.5
Belize E 7.0 87.0
Dominican Republic N 6.0 51.0

A cool island breeze can be a nice counter to the heat of Caribbean weather , but beware of islands that record strong gusts as this often indicates severe weather associated with storms and hurricanes. Bear in mind that islands such as Belize that experience high speed gusts may be more likely to receive this type of weather. By examining all of the information provided , visitors should be able to become familiar with the location of their choice long before leaving for the Caribbean.


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