Wind in Caribbean in July

Despite the fact that most visitors assume that weather patterns in the Caribbean are made up more of sun than of wind , the most enjoyable conditions are usually a little bit of both. Travelers who visit an island that has plenty of cool, crisp breezes are in for a treat. Many people don't realize just how comfortable the weather can feel , even when the temperatures rise.

The strong winds that enabled early explorers to find the Caribbean are still an important weather factor today , providing some much-needed relief from the intense heat of the tropical sun. Browse our comprehensive chart to get a feel for typical wind conditions found in various Caribbean locations. Each entry is ranked by the force of a typical breeze , but we have also included information about the prevailing wind direction and stronger gusts.

Monthly Wind Details in The Caribbean
Monthly Average
Speed (KTS)
Gust (KTS)
Antigua & Barbuda N 17.0 53.0
Aruba E 16.0 58.0
Curacao E 15.0 32.0
Jamaica E 13.0 58.0
Puerto Rico ENE 12.0 38.0
St. Lucia E 12.0 25.0
U.S. Virgin Islands E 12.0 45.0
Barbados E 11.0 51.0
St. Maarten E 11.0 58.0
Bermuda SSW 10.0 57.0
Martinique E 9.0 58.0
Belize E 8.0 24.0
Guadeloupe E 8.0 56.0
Trinidad & Tobago E 8.0 35.0
Mexican Caribbean E 8.0 39.0
Cayman Islands E 8.0 40.0
Bahamas E 7.0 48.0
St. Kitts & Nevis ENE 7.0 18.0
Turks and Caicos Islands N.A. 6.0 51.5
Dominican Republic N 5.0 55.0

Antigua & Barbuda and other highly-ranked islands receive stronger breezes, which may be a welcome break from high temperatures , but look out for strong gusts as this may be a sign that the island receives dangerous weather such as tropical storms and hurricanes. Aruba and other locations that see strong gusts may be more liable to experience storms of this nature. By examining all of the information provided , visitors should be able to get acquainted with their own vacation destination before ever setting foot in the Caribbean.


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