Wind in Caribbean in October

In spite of the fact that many visitors assume that the weather conditions in the Caribbean are comprised more of sunshine than wind , the nicest conditions are generally a little bit of both. Vacationers who have chosen a destination that experiences pleasant trade winds may be surprised to find out how nice tropical weather can feel , even when temperatures get quite warm.

The strong winds that allowed early sailors to locate the Caribbean are still an important weather factor today , offering vacationers relief from the sometimes severe Caribbean sun. Browse our comprehensive chart to get a feel for typical wind conditions found in various islands throughout the Caribbean. Each entry is ranked by the speed of breezes, as these are the most frequently occurring types of wind , but you'll also notice useful info about wind direction and gusts.

Monthly Wind Details in The Caribbean
Monthly Average
Speed (KTS)
Gust (KTS)
Aruba E 13.0 59.0
Antigua & Barbuda N 13.0 48.0
Curacao E 13.0 63.0
Jamaica E 11.0 50.0
Bermuda ENE 11.0 60.0
Puerto Rico ENE 10.0 43.0
U.S. Virgin Islands E 10.0 50.0
St. Maarten E 9.0 54.0
Barbados E 9.0 55.0
St. Lucia E 9.0 24.0
Bahamas E 8.0 30.0
Mexican Caribbean E 8.0 38.0
Cayman Islands ENE 8.0 60.0
Trinidad & Tobago E 7.0 26.0
Martinique E 7.0 23.0
Turks and Caicos Islands N.A. 6.5 47.0
Belize E 6.0 55.0
Guadeloupe E 6.0 55.0
Dominican Republic N 5.0 64.0
St. Kitts & Nevis ENE 5.0 40.0

Islands found near the top of the chart, such as Aruba, feature strong breezes that might be a great complement to the warm weather , but beware of islands that record strong gusts as stronger winds are usually a sign of dangerous weather such as tropical storms and hurricanes. Bear in mind that islands such as Dominican Republic that see strong gusts may have a higher likelihood of experiencing these storms. By taking advantage of all of the information on the chart , visitors should be able to become familiar with the location of their choice long before leaving for the Caribbean.


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