Carriacou Attractions

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Boasting a rich cultural heritage and a group of residents who view their home with pride, Carriacou is a great destination for traditionalists who prefer a calmer, more natural island getaway over a bustling resort town.  Surrounding the island are a series of unusually subdued beaches thanks to the abundance of coral reef just off-shore that are excellent snorkeling and diving locales.  For days that aren't spend in the sand, there is an important history museum, a collection of cultural landmarks that shouldn't be missed, and hilly terrain leading to the highest point of elevation in the Grenada island chain waiting to be hiked. 


Sandy Island

There are a large number of beaches to consider visiting on the island. Snorkeling is available at some locations, if some members of your party are so inclined. Click on the name of each beach for more detail concerning that beach.

A beach scene where snorkeling is a popular is Anse le Roche. Anse le Roche is one of the most secluded and scenic spots on the island of Carriacaou. Coral reefs rest just offshore, so having a snorkeling mask and fins on hand is a good idea.

Another good option for snorkeling fans is Sandy Island. In 2004, Sandy Island was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan, and in response Grenada designated the island a nature reserve. Now, the spot is famed for its marine life, bird watching, and of course, it's beach where snorkeling is popular.

Hillsborough Beach: Starting with a jetty at one end, Hillsborough Beach stretches along the coast for a decent distance. The shore is comprised of white sand and the water is a dazzling topaz.

The island has quite a few other beaches to choose from. For more information on beaches available, read this article.

Landmark Attractions

A common landmark for vacationers is The Carriacou Museum. It is located in Hillsborough, in central Carriacou. As you tour the museum, you will find a collection of Amerindian and African artifacts, as well as a collection of pieces from the colonial era.

A second choice is Ningo Well. It's a historical site This old well is one of the few remaining fully functional stone wells in existence, especially ones built by colonial forces. While it may not seem much now, this well would have been crucial in the settling of the area, and likely insured the success of the nearby plantation for some time.

Carriacou Ruins: The island of Curriacou was once full of remote estates, and scattered mills. However, as economic conditions changed, the estates were abandoned and now are in ruins.

These are just a sample of what's available. Make your way to this page dedicated to other interesting landmarks on the island if you'd like to find some more facts.

Natural Attractions

Sandy Island Marine Park

One of the better known outdoor attractions is Sandy Island Marine Park. <p>Sandy Island Marine Park is an island that remains untouched by human hands, and the crystal clear waters that surround it are a favorite amongst snorkelers.</p>

A second attraction you might enjoy is White Island Marine Park. <p>White Island Marine Park draws snorkelers to the area with its crystal clear waters and bountiful marine life. A mountain to one side makes it an even more attractive locale.</p>

These are just a few of the options. Read this page about natural attractions on and around the island if you want to find more specifics.


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