Buses on Carriacou

Even if a country in the Caribbean has regular bus services for tourists to take advantage of, it is atypical for a smaller sister island in the chain to also have a bus.  Carriacou breaks the mold, giving visitors yet another great transportation option to consider while they plan for their vacation.

Bus service is available on Carriacou every day of the week except for Sunday for less than $1(USD) to get anywhere on the island each way. 

There are two main routes from the major city of Hillsborough, one that runs north to Windward and one that runs south to Tyrrel Bay. The buses run daily from 7:00 a.m. until sundown. 

Tourists should note that the buses they see on the streets here will not resemble those they may be used to back home. The buses here are actually independently operated mini buses which are vibrantly colored, often overcrowded, and heard coming down the street thanks to the loud island music they are known for blasting on the speakers. 

Bus Routes
Route Beginning Stops Along the Route End
Zone 10 to L'Esterre Hillsborough Bus Terminal Lauriston Bus Stop L'Esterre Bus Stop
Zone 11 to Windward Hillsborough Bus Terminal Bogles Bus Stop, Dover Bus Stop Windward Bus Stop

Tourists will be happy to know that not only does Carriacou offer bus transport, but the experience can be an enjoyable one.  Save money, have a good time, and let a local who knows the roads get you around when you ride the bus on this small island.  


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