Scuba Diving Near Carriacou

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More than 25 sites surround Carriacou that range from reefs to wrecks and can satisfy all levels of divers.  Underneath the water's surface you'll encounter more than 400 different species of marine life, finding it easy to do so with one of the many dive centers that make their home on the island. 

There are two dive operators, a dive shop, and a small number of dive sites in the area.

Dive Operators and Shops

The dive shop you'll be able to find are provided in the following chart.

Dive Shops Near Carriacou
Name Type Phone Location Island
Deefer Diving Carriacou Dive Shop//12577 (473) 443-7882 Hillsborough, Central Carriacou Carriacou

If you're ready to dive, you might want to contact Lumbadive. Lumbadive has a staff that speaks both French and English, as well as functional Spanish, Italian, and German making it easy for guests who speak any of those languages to understand their training all the easier. This center offers PADI training beginning with Skin Diver for those only interested in learning about snorkeling, to Discover Scuba for beginners, and all the way up through Dive Master and Emergency First Responder. They are found within southwestern Carriacou.

A second option is Arawak Divers. With Arawak you have access to over 25 dive sites and two highly-trained PA DI Master Trainers to guide you to each location. They do not operate on a fixed schedule, rather, they plan each trip according to the needs of their guides, never finishing a dive until all of the air in your tank has been used (not including the safety reserves). You can call them at (473) 443-6906.

The following table offers details regarding diving services in the area.

Dive Operators Near Carriacou
Name Phone Location
Arawak Divers (473) 443-6906 Hillsborough, Southwestern part of Carriacou
Lumbadive (473) 443-8566 3.0 mi. South West of Central Hillsborough

Dive Sites

You can look at the following chart to see some key facts regarding some of the area's major dive sites.

Dive Sites Near Carriacou
Name Experience Max Depth Latitude Longitude
Seaview All Divers 35.1 12.4507650598 -61.4947605133
Tropical Hill All Divers 60.0 12.4351755428 -61.5002536773
Westsider Wreck Advanced Open Water / CMAS ** 100.1 12.4855447445 -61.4939022064

For more information concerning diving, including tips and suggestions for both experienced divers and beginners, read this detailed guide to diving in the Caribbean.


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