Hillsborough Beach

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Hillsborough Beach is set along the east coast of Carriacou. Because it is located near a well-liked hotel and restaurant, it remains one of the most popular beaches on the island. Whether you fancy a swim, a bite to eat, or a morning watching the boats set sail, this beach is a great choice.

trippers can take a dip at this strip of sand adjacent to the jetty. The beach extends for quite a distance in each direction, so there's plenty of room to swim without interference from the boat traffic. The best part of the beach is at the northern end, along what is called the Esplanade.

Positioned in the northwestern outskirts of Hillsborough, Hillsborough Beach is on the North East coast of Carriacou. You should consider dropping by regardless of whether you're staying in the immediate vicinity. Many of Grenada's beaches are quite secluded, offering beautiful backdrops and few disturbances. While these qualities are undoubtedly perfect for some, others need the kind of activity and variety you'll find at Hillsborough Beach.

Amenities and Ambiance

Starting with a jetty at one end, Hillsborough Beach stretches along the coast for a decent distance. The shore is comprised of white sand and the water is a dazzling topaz.

You'll also discover that there is a restaurant on the shore worth trying. Every nation has its own culinary style, and Grenada is no different. One of the best places to experience delicious local dishes is right next to the coast. Did you know that some hotels are happy to pack picnic lunches for their guests? Or, on your way to the beach you could grab some carry-out from a casual dining spot.

The snack bar located at this spot is perfect for quick lunches and cold drinks, too.

This beach has public restrooms——something you'll appreciate if you spend more than a couple of hours here. You will find the water here is clear and good for snorkeling, so bring your equipment if you're looking to see what goes on beneath the surface.

Hillsborough Beach with its conveniences are of course found within a hot tourist destination. If you seek to avoid the crowds, it should be an appropriate cause to make plans for times when there are less people, for example arriving for a breakfast picnic and cool swim. If you wait around, it's possible you may miss the chance to fully use all the services which this beach offers its guests.

What's Nearby


This spot is on the North East coast of Carriacou; this area boasts other attractions such as The Carriacou Museum, which is not very far away, so some guests will want to walk to this attraction, while others will choose to take a cab.

Historical attractions such as Old Sugar Mills Hillsborough provide a great compliment to the natural beauty of Hillsborough Beach, and they give vacationers the chance to learn more about Grenada, without having to stray too far from the beach. As a matter of fact, this coastline is located less than a mile to the east of this site of historical significance.

With the choice of exciting activities nearby, you'll never run out of things to do. The closest attractions are found in the following table.

Activities and Attractions Near Hillsborough Beach
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
The Carriacou Museum Museum 0.1 mi. SSW Carriacou
Old Sugar Mills Hillsborough Historical Site 0.9 mi. E Carriacou
Canute Calliste Art Gallery Art Gallery 2.1 mi. SW Carriacou
Ningo Well Historical Site 2.2 mi. NE Carriacou
Dover Ruins Historical Site 2.2 mi. NE Carriacou
Carriacou Ruins Historical Site 2.5 mi. NNE Carriacou
Gun Point Historical Site 3.4 mi. NNE Carriacou

Cities and Towns

Hillsborough Beach is close to Hillsborough, so a trip into the city is a definite option. Hillsborough is the closest town to Hillsborough Beach. It is not heavily urbanized, though it can be an interesting destination for visitors hoping to get a taste of the local scene.


The mood here——social and lively, or virtually empty—— will be influenced by everything from the time of day to the capacity of nearby hotels. There aren't many major hotels nearby, but it can attract guests from smaller accommodations in the area.

You'll find a good amount of places to stay which can be reached in the car. A list of the closest possibilities are seen in the following list.

Accommodations near Hillsborough Beach
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Ade's Dream 0.0 mi. SSW Hotel
Hotel Laurena -- -- Hotel
Green Roof Inn 0.5 mi. SE Hotel
Silver Beach Cottages -- -- Cottages
Grand View Hotel -- -- Hotel
Bogles Round House 1.3 mi. NNE Cottages
Bayaleau Point Cottages 2.6 mi. ENE Cottages


If you need to grab a bite to eat around midday, you'll have some great cuisine to choose from, and you don't have to go far from the sea. One of the closest places to eat is SeaWave Sports Bar. The restaurant offers a menu of Caribbean food.

The following table lists dining options located near this beach.

Restaurants near Hillsborough Beach
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
SeaWave Sports Bar (473) 443-7317 Caribbean Very Casual 0.0 mi. SSW
Patty's Deli (473) 443-6258 American -- 0.1 mi. SSW
Laurena’s Restaurant and Bar (473) 443-8333 Caribbean Very Casual -- --
Slipway Restaurant (473) 443-6500 Caribbean, International Informal -- --
La Playa Beach Bar and Bistro (473) 410-4216 American Very Casual 0.5 mi. SE
Green Roof Inn Restaurant (473) 443-6399 International Informal 0.5 mi. SE
Bogles Round House (473) 443-7841 Caribbean, Contemporary Fine Dining 1.3 mi. NNE
Off the Hook (473) 443-7841 Caribbean Very Casual 2.0 mi. WSW
Oyster Beds -- -- -- 2.6 mi. SW
Lambie Queen Restaurant and Bar (473) 443-8162 Caribbean Very Casual 2.8 mi. SW
Lazy Turtle (473) 443-8322 Caribbean Very Casual 2.9 mi. SW

Other Beaches

Carriacou has several beautiful beaches, so Hillsborough Beach is not your only option.

Travelers may also want to consider Anse le Roche, which is located within a couple of miles.

Grenada has a lot to offer its visitors, but visiting Hillsborough Beach or the other beautiful beaches in the area can make your time on Grenada even more memorable.


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