Carriacou Landmarks

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Thanks to the limited dining and lodging options on the island of Carriacou, it is frequented by day-trippers more so than those staying for a great deal of time.  Regardless of how long you'll be visiting, there are several important sites that should be seen in order to get a full sense of what island life, heritage, and history is all about. 


If you like to expand your knowledge of other people and places, you might enjoy visiting a museum during your time on Carriacou. To see full details regarding each museum, click on the name.

An interesting landmark worth visiting is The Carriacou Museum. It is situated in Hillsborough, in central Carriacou. Located in the second oldest cotton ginnery in the world, The Carriacou Museum is located on Paterson Street on the small island of Carriacou. This museum is privately financed, surviving mainly on public donations, and the Carriacou Historical Society ensures that each exhibit is historically accurate.

Museums On Carriacou
Name Phone Location Island
The Carriacou Museum (473) 443-8288 Hillsborough, Central Carriacou Carriacou

Historical Sites

If you like to experience the history of a foreign place, you should consider visiting a few of these historical sites while on vacation on Carriacou.

Ningo Well is a historical site There are no amenities at the site, and is definitely a site for history appreciation only.

Many travelers also choose to visit Carriacou Ruins. It is located within northern Carriacou. While efforts have been made to protect and renovate the ruins, many of them are unmanaged and in poor condition. With that said, the historical benefit gained from the ruins require background information, context, and a bit of imagination.

Dover Ruins: The Dover Ruins are where the first church on the island of Carriacou once stood. While it may not be too grand, it does show where the settlers first made their homes.

Glance through this table for information concerning sites of historical interest on the island.

Historic Sites On Carriacou
Name Phone Location
Amerindian Well -- Carriacou
Carriacou Ruins -- 2.7 mi. North of Central Hillsborough
Dover Ruins -- 0.6 mi. South of Central Windward
Gun Point -- 1.1 mi. North-Northwest of Central Windward
Ningo Well -- 0.5 mi. West-Southwest of Central Windward
Old Sugar Mills Hillsborough -- 2.9 mi. East-Northeast of Central L'esterre

Luckily, you will find additional types of attractions. To see our page about other attractions, visit this page.


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