Shopping on Carriacou

Shopping on Carriacou brings visitors the option of stopping in a number of general stores that sell a variety of products rather than specialty shops which focus on one specific type of product.  Downtown Hillsborough is where the most options exist, with gift shops, vendor markets, and grocery stores all within easy access.  

Specialty Shops

One of the popular specialty retailers in the area is Deefer Diving Carriacou. This store is located within Hillsborough, in central Carriacou. Where Deefer Diving excels is that the center's main goal is to create an individual experience for each diver. This is why they keep their dive groups small and operate on a flexible schedule, leaving the docks when the group plans to leave rather than when the center dictates they will be leaving. The property can be found on Main Street.

Some specialty shops located on Carriacou are listed below.

Specialty Shops On Carriacou
Name Type Phone Location
Canute Calliste Art Gallery Art Gallery -- 2.2 mi. West-Southwest of Central Hillsborough
Deefer Diving Carriacou Dive Shop (473) 443-7882 Hillsborough, Central Carriacou

Food and Grocery

Be sure to look at the following table for more information.

Food and Grocery Stores On Carriacou
Name Type Phone Location
Ade's Dream Groceries Grocery Store (473) 443-7317 Hillsborough, Central Carriacou
Carriacou Fish Market Fish and Seafood Market -- Hillsborough, Central Carriacou
Henrietta's Bakery Bakery (473) 443-8995 2.2 mi. West-Southwest of Central Hillsborough
John's Supermarket Grocery Store (473) 443-8347 Hillsborough, Central Carriacou
Kim's Plaza Grocery Store (473) 443-7733 Hillsborough, Central Carriacou
Matheson Supermarket Grocery Store (473) 443-7310 Hillsborough, Central Carriacou

Other Retail

Another 4 shops are displayed here:

Other Types of Shopping On Carriacou
Name Type Phone Location
Charles Pharmacy Drug Store (473) 443-7933 Hillsborough, Central Carriacou
Hills & Valley Pharmacy Drug Store (473) 443-6904 Hillsborough, Central Carriacou
John's Unique Plaza Shopping Center (473) 443-8347 Hillsborough, Central Carriacou
Marketing Board Flea Market -- Hillsborough, Central Carriacou

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