Taxis on Carriacou

Taxis are the transportation of choice for visitors on Carriacou

Taxis are the most popular way to get around Carriacou, and finding one on the street to get you from one place to the next is hardly ever and issue.

Taxi Companies

If you do have some problems finding a taxi, most accommodations are happy to help you find a ride. Typically, you'll find taxis around the jetty and at the airport between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. If still do not have any luck, call and have a taxi pick you up.

Carriacou Taxi Owners & Drivers Association is the one taxi service concerning which we have detailed information. You can call them at (473) 443-7566; they are located right within Carriacou.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Taxi costs are reasonable on the island, for example, it costs about $5(USD) to get from Lauriston Airport to Hillsborough, $10(USD) to get from Lauriston to Tyrrel Bay, and $13(USD) from Lauriston to Windward. Taxis can also be hired for a tour of the island. The cost is about $50(USD) for five passengers and two and a half hours.

The following table shows some taxi fares for this area.

Typical Fares Around Carriacou
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 12.50 - $ 14.00 Lauriston Airport Windward
$ 5.00 - $ 6.00 Lauriston Airport Hillsborough
$ 9.00 - $ 10.00 Lauriston Airport Tyrrel Bay

The island is small, so most other kinds of transportation is not always cost effective. As you can see from the chart above, there are reasonable prices. This helps make the taxis as popular as they are.


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