Carriacou Transportation Options

Getting to Carriacou should be no trouble at all

A more traditional island experience awaits tourists on Carriacou, where many visit to get away from the busier tourist areas in the nation and experience a more secluded getaway. Despite its quiet charm and appeal, transportation options remain as modern as anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Getting There

Just like Grenada, getting to Carriacou comes down to flying, sailing, or cruising. The only difference is there are a few extra steps that will need to be taken to complete the entire journey.

Getting Around

Because it is a small island you need little more than your feet to get you from one place to the next, but most tourists will want to have another form of transportation to get them around. That's when rental cars, taxis, buses, and ferries come in handy.

Air Travel

Carriacou's airport is the Lauriston Airport (CRU), which is located within the island's largest town of Hillsborough. It has one asphalt runway that measures 2,625 feet long, and sparse facilities within the main building. Although there are regularly scheduled flights from Barbados, the best way to get to Carriacou is to book your flight to the Maurice Bishop International Airport on Grenada (GND), then transfer to the smaller regional airline of SVG Air, which will get you to Laurriston in just 15 minutes for just about $50(USD) one way. There are four daily flights, two in the morning and two in the afternoon except on Thursday.


Carriacou is fast growing into a luxury yachting destination, and many pleasure sailors are choosing to divert their boats from the main island of Grenada over to the must smaller, more natural Carriacou.  The requirements for entry are the same as if you were to sail into St. George's, but you can do so right on the island in Hillsborough.  Get all of the details on clearing in by reading our guide to Sailing on Grenada.


Although stopping on Grenada as part of a Caribbean tour is becoming more and more common, there is no direct stop on Carriacou. The official cruise port is located in Saint George's, and from there cruisers can fly or take the ferry to this quieter island.

Rental Cars

Despite the small size of the island, Carriacou has a decent selection of rental car agencies, which can be critical for anyone looking to explore the entire island. Much of the same regulations hold on Carriacou as on the rest of Grenada, and the only real difference is likely to be the price (often a little higher). You can click here to find out more.


Rental cars are not the only ground transportation option for those visiting Carriacou. Once arriving on the island, you can take a cab to your destination – very useful if you are going to stay in a centralized area where renting a car is just an unneeded cost. To see a collection of the local companies, and some sample fares, head over to our Carriacou Taxi Guide.


To main bus routes on Carriacou allow visitors who don't want to rent a car to take advantage of an inexpensive, reliable, and even fun way to get around the island.  Be warned, buses are not available on Sundays, so you will have to make arrangements if you have somewhere you want to be.  Learn more by clicking here


As you can imagine, ferry service is a popular way to reach Carriacou. While it is not as popular as simply flying, anyone looking for a trip on the water, looking to explore a new area, or both will be pleased with the ride to Carriacou. Click here to view the companies and routes that service the island.

Despite being smaller than Grenada, the transportation options available to tourists here are not much different than those on the larger parent island. Knowing what you have to choose from is the top priority, and from there you should have no trouble picking which is going to make your vacation the most memorable.


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