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Transportation is not something you need to over think when you stay in Casa de Campo

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Set on 7,000 acres of oceanfront property, Casa de Campo is a luxurious gated community with a world famous golf course, dozens of daily activities, fine dining, and top-notch staff. This all-inclusive resort community has everything you need to keep your vacation planning as simple as possible. Some tourists will want to stay at Casa de Campo and still experience the surrounding area, which means they'll need to consider doing a little extra planning with regards to transportation.

Getting There

As part of your all-inclusive package with Casa de Campo, you may be able to include air travel, but this property also has its own marina which allows tourists to sail themselves. Visiting as part of a cruise is far rarer, but is certainly a possibility.

Getting Around

The type of transportation you rely on here is entirely dependent on what you plan on doing and where you need to go. For long distances, you may consider a rental car or even a bus, while taxis, motoconchos, and carro publicos are best when you'll be sticking to the surrounding area.

Air Travel

The airport of choice at Casa de Campo is La Romana, located less than 10 minutes away from the resort by car. Tourists have the option of flying commercial from the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean, or they can go all out and charter a private plane to get their luxury getaway started off right. Whichever option works for you, you'll find the airport to be a quiet and modern facility when you arrive, and that getting transportation to your accommodations is rather easy – especially if you make arrangements with the front desk before you arrive. Read on to find out more about transportation options in the area, and click here for details about flying to La Romana.


If you have a private yacht or plan to hire a charter to sail to your getaway, you'll be pleased to learn that Casa de Campo is home to its own full service marina. The facility has 370 slips can dock yachts that measure up to 250 feet long. It is located at Latitude 18 degrees 23.9 north and longitude 68 degrees, 54.3 west, and features concrete docks, fuel, electric and cable hook-ups, repair units, and on-site shopping.


Casa de Campo really caters mainly to visitors who have paid for a stay, so visiting the complex as part of a cruise is not very common. It can be done, however, especially since one of the island's six cruise ports is located in La Romana.

Rental Cars

Renting a car for your stay in Casa de Campo simply is not necessary, since the resort takes care of all of your daily needs – including transportation. You may need a rental car if you plan to strike out on your own and explore areas of the island that are not included in any tours that the resort offers. You can rent a car from the airport, or ask if the agency of your choice will even deliver the rental to you at the resort if you're only renting for a day or so. The cost will be anywhere from $30 to $125(USD) a day, and you will need to be at least 21 to rent. Learn all about the process of renting by clicking here.


Taxis are perhaps the most popular form of transportation for tourists staying in Casa de Campo. Most visitors will take a taxi (arranged by the front desk to meet them) to and from the airport, then stay at the resort for the majority of their stay. If a quick trip to an off-site restaurant or to an attraction is needed, it is usually budget-smart to plan to use a taxi. Find out more about taxis in Casa de Campo by clicking here.

...a taxi in the form of a motorcycle...



A unique form of transportation that can be found in La Romana is the motoconcho. Basically, this form of transportation is a taxi in the form of a motorcycle. The bikes are privately owned and allow the young men of the town to earn a modest income by charging around $0.50(USD) per person for a short ride. One or two people can ride comfortably, though it is not uncommon to see up to four passengers squeezing on the back. Note that there are no helmets available for this speedy service.


There are two types of buses available outside the gates of Casa de Campo, which will help you to see La Romana as well as other large cities in the Dominican Republic. The local guaguas offer transportation to La Romana in minivans and buses that operate on set routes with set stops at popularly visited spots. The cost is usually just under $1(USD) per person, and you'll need to make sure to have exact change.

Another option is a major bus line operated by Metro Buses and Caribe Tours, offering trips between large cities across the island at a price of about $10(USD) per 150 miles traveled. These buses are full sized, comfortable, and air conditioned, which is often the opposite of what you find on local buses.

Carro Publico

A mix between a taxi and a bus, the carro publico is a four to five seat car or minivan that offers rides around town for under a $1(USD) per person. Like buses, they travel on set routes, but they differ in that they do not have set stops. Instead, tourists can get on and off wherever they please as long as it allows the driver to stick to his or her route. Publicos are not private, which means you could easily be squeezing into the vehicle with a group of people you've never met before. The low price is enticing enough that most people get over this rather quickly.

Because transportation is the only major aspect of travel you'll need help planning without the staff of Casa de Campo, don't let it become a larger stress than necessary. Now that you've learned a bit about each option, you probably have a good idea about how you want to handle travel and can begin making final arrangements.


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