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As the busiest city on St. Lucia, you might expect area gastronomy to outshine that of the rest of the island. In truth, you'll find some of the better restaurants to be located on resort property, but you should still make it a point to try some of the local establishments, where fresh seafood and produce shine.

Caribbean and Local

Caribbean Pirates

Travelers will encounter a handful of opportunities to enjoy trying local flavors during their stay in Castries. Caribbean and American dishes are among the popular choices found in the area. Don't forget that you can click on the link to each restaurant to read additional info.

Hardest Hard Restaurant & Bar is a bar and grill located in Castries. The menu may not be exotic, but the well known American and Caribbean dishes make this a comfortable place that is great for relaxing and having fun. Speaking of fun, they also offer live music from time to time, and their fully stocked bar can help you relax with one of their many mixed drinks. Visitors will find them on La Toc Road.

Restaurants Map

Vacationers might want to think about visiting Caribbean Pirates. Caribbean favorites like callaloo and pepper-pot stew grace the menu at Caribbean Pirates. Even other dishes like lobster feature spices that give it a little Caribbean twist. Guests will find them on Jeremie Street.

Pink Plantation House: Pink Plantation's regular hours are 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Guests can reach them at (758) 452-5422.

See more information about related types of restaurants in Castries by taking a look at the chart just below.

Caribbean and Local Restaurants in Castries
Name Location Type Phone Number
Cafe Tropical 0.4 mi. Northwest of Downtown Castries Caribbean (758) 452-7411
Caribbean Pirates Downtown Castries Caribbean (758) 452-2543
Hardest Hard Restaurant & Bar 0.7 mi. West of Downtown Castries American, Caribbean (758) 452-4047
Pink Plantation House Downtown Castries Caribbean (758) 452-5422
Shawama Deli Plus Downtown Castries Caribbean, Middle Eastern (758) 451-8125

European and Asian

Vacationers can pick from at least a couple Asian restaurants, though don't expect to find many options for European dining.

Jade Terrace Chinese is a local carry out restaurant found in northeastern Castries. Attentive service is only one of a number of things that recommend Jade Terrace Chinese. Serving up some of the best Chinese food you'll find on the island, you'll find yourself quickly transported to Asia as you savor the hot and sour soup, dumplings, noodles, and more.

Domino's Castries is a pleasant nearby restaurant you might try. Served hot and fresh, Domino's is a great choice when you are craving a pizza in paradise. Stop in and pick up a pie or order delivery if you are staying in the Downtown Castries area. Visitors can find them on Laborie Street.

Even though there are a limited selection of relevant restaurants available within Castries, you are able to find out more about them by scrolling down to the chart found directly below.

European and Asian Restaurants in Castries
Name Location Type Phone Number
China Town Food Court Downtown Castries Chinese (758) 451-5344
Domino's Castries Downtown Castries Italian --
Jade Terrace Chinese 1.2 mi. Northeast of Downtown Castries Chinese (758) 451-8952

American and Other

There are plenty of locations offering American cuisine in Castries. In addition, guests are able to choose from International and eclectic meals, among other options.

Restaurant at Auberge Seraphine Hotel is located at Auberge Seraphine Hotel and is a fine dining restaurant situated in the heart of Castries. Breakfast and lunch feature lite, casual offerings like fruit platters and sandwiches. Dinner, however, is of gourmet offerings prepared fresh, and often featuring locally caught seafood. If you have questions, call them at (758) 453-2073.

You should consider visiting The Coal Pot. The Coal Pot Restaurant knows that it takes a welcoming environment and friendly service staff as well as delectable food to keep customers coming back, and it always delivers. Managed by Michelle Elliot and her French husband, Chef Xavier, the restaurant is small and comfortable with just 10 tables and cuisine that will souse your taste buds. If you're looking to call before making reservations, you can do so at (758) 452-5566.

Ferrands Ice Cream: For all of your frozen treat needs, Ferrands Ice Cream is the place to be. You can contact them at (758) 452-3387.

Burger Plus is a lunch and dinner option found in downtown Castries. Burger Plus takes the basic hamburger and transforms it into a full menu's worth of different types. Try how basic variations of spices, toppings, and techniques can completely change the taste, and perhaps learn a thing or two about cooking your own burger. You'll find them at 9 St. Louis Street.

The chart down below shows all 11 different possibilities that are able to be seen while in Castries.

American and Other Restaurants in Castries
Name Location Type Phone Number
Burger Plus Downtown Castries American (758) 452-7018
Church's Chicken Castries Downtown Castries American (758) 450-2046
Dr Freezers Downtown Castries American (758) 452-6322
Ferrands Ice Cream 1.4 mi. Northeast of Downtown Castries International (758) 452-3387
Hardest Hard Restaurant & Bar 0.7 mi. West of Downtown Castries American, Caribbean (758) 452-4047
KFC Castries Downtown Castries American (758) 452-6444
Pasta & Pastry Shop Downtown Castries Mediterranean (758) 452-7196
Restaurant at Auberge Seraphine Hotel 0.5 mi. North-Northwest of Downtown Castries Eclectic (758) 453-2073
Rituals Coffee Castries Downtown Castries International (758) 453-1850
Shawama Deli Plus Downtown Castries Caribbean, Middle Eastern (758) 451-8125
The Coal Pot 0.6 mi. Northwest of Downtown Castries Eclectic (758) 452-5566

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