Shopping in Castries

Home to a handful of shopping malls which specialize in duty free prices for guests, Castries is the go-to spot on the island for tourists looking for a deal on their favorite luxury items. This city is often crowded by tourists, and for good reason.  You'll find everything from designer jewelry and watches to fine china and crystal.  Shop nearby the harbor for the best deals, but if you want an authentic local product or craft you won't want to miss the outdoor market on Jeremie Street. 

Gifts and Souvenirs

If you're hoping to find some gifts or souvenirs you might want to try Del Sol, which is found within northwestern Castries. Items you'll find on hand in this shop include t-shirts, hats, jewelry, nail polish, swim suits, and more. They've even partnered with well-known brands and begun to market Disney and Marvel superhero color-changing products. If you'd like to call ahead, you can do so at (758) 451-3141.

Another option is Cards & Things, which is found 19.1 mi. (30.8 km) from Del Sol. Looking for a way to remind your friends and family of how much fun you are having? Drop by Cards and things and look for some gifts or postcards, most of which are small enough to cheaply be sent through the mail. If you want to call ahead of time, you can do so at (758) 452-6248.

Glance through the table just below for more information about gift and souvenir shops serving this area.

Gifts and Souvenirs Around Castries
Name Type Phone Location
Bezata Gift & Graces Gift and Souvenir Shops (758) 453-2685 Bisse
Cards & Things Gift and Souvenir Shops (758) 452-6248 Downtown Castries, 18.7 mi. South of Central Castries
Caribbean Perfumes Gift and Souvenir Shops (758) 453-7249 Bisse
Del Sol Gift and Souvenir Shops (758) 451-3141 0.4 mi. Northwest of Downtown Castries
Duty Free Emporium Duty Free Store (758) 451-6299 Downtown Castries
Lighthouse Gift Shop Gift and Souvenir Shops (758) 520-7827 Downtown Castries
The Gift Box Gift and Souvenir Shops (758) 450-8777 Muirton, 4.8 mi. Northeast of Central Castries

Specialty Shops

One of the more popular specialty retailers in the area is The Inner Gallery. They're situated in downtown Castries. If you aren't up to date about what's going on at the Inner Gallery on St. Lucia, you aren't in the know with regards to the local arts scene. A "dynamic cultural house," the Inner Gallery features the latest works of the island's best and most popular artists. If you want to call before making reservations, you can do so at (758) 457-8728.

Another good option is Harry Edwards Jewelers, which is located a short distance from The Inner Gallery. Brand name watches and jewelry are the biggest sellers at Harry Edwards, but you'll also find sun glasses, leather goods, and other accessories. Guests will be able to find them on Jeremie Street.

Diamonds International Pointe Saraphine: When you're traveling overseas and want to buy duty free jewelry from a name you can trust, choose Diamonds International. With locations throughout the Caribbean, including this one in Castries, you are never far from a boutique filled with high end apparel. You can reach them at (758) 457-4208.

Lots of specialty shops in Castries are listed directly below.

Specialty Shops In Castries
Name Type Phone Location
Anthony's Jewelry Castries Jewelry Store (758) 451-7736 Bisse
Art & Antiques Art Gallery (758) 451-4150 Bisse
Citizens Jewellery Jewelry Store (758) 451-9599 Downtown Castries
Diamonds International Carenage Jewelry Store -- Downtown Castries
Diamonds International Pointe Saraphine Jewelry Store (758) 457-4208 0.4 mi. Northwest of Downtown Castries
Etienne's Jewelery Shop Jewelry Store (758) 452-6357 Bisse
Harry Edwards Jewelers Jewelry Store (758) 451-6799 Downtown Castries
Jewellers Warehouse Jewelry Store (758) 453-7281 Bisse
Le Cadeau Jewelry Store (758) 458-0262 Downtown Castries
Lynsay's Jewellery Gifts & Supplies Jewelry Store (758) 451-3010 Downtown Castries
St. Lucia Fine Art Art Gallery (758) 459-0891 Downtown Castries
Tanzanite International Jewelry Store -- Downtown Castries
The Inner Gallery Art Gallery (758) 457-8728 Downtown Castries
Williams Jewellery Jewelry Store (758) 452-2725 Bisse

Clothing and Apparel

Hoping to find some new clothing during your vacation? Perhaps you would enjoy Hobie Boutique -- which is found within Bisse. Opened in 1990, Hobie sells clothes for the whole family -- from infants all the way up to grandma. They're on Micoud Street.

The chart just below enables you to get a few details regarding the 20 apparel shops located in Castries.

Clothing and Apparel In Castries
Name Type Phone Location
A La Mode Castries Boutique (758) 451-6711 Downtown Castries
Anne's Boutique Boutique (758) 451-8584 Bisse
Banana Beach Boutique (758) 451-7891 Bisse
Basic Blue Castries Boutique (758) 452-1698 Castries
Catty's Boutique Boutique (758) 453-2977 Downtown Castries
Classique Boutique Boutique (758) 458-2000 Downtown Castries
Fadi Boutique Boutique (758) 459-0722 Downtown Castries
Fancy Boutique Boutique (758) 453-1643 Downtown Castries
George's Boutique Boutique (758) 453-1166 Bisse
Glenda's Boutique Boutique (758) 452-6409 Bisse
Hobie Boutique Boutique (758) 453-6811 Bisse
Joan's Boutique Boutique (758) 452-6475 Bisse
Just Leathers Shoe Store (758) 451-3021 Downtown Castries
Just My Size Boutique Boutique (758) 451-8264 Bisse
Keep Sake Boutique Boutique (758) 459-0199 Bisse
Scott's Underground Boutique Boutique (758) 453-2737 Downtown Castries
Shoe Circus Shoe Store (758) 451-8818 Downtown Castries
Show Off Boutique Boutique (758) 452-4770 Downtown Castries
Unisentials Formalwear Store (758) 451-6082 Downtown Castries
V&A Trading Swimwear, Beachwear and Sportswear Store (758) 451-7891 Downtown Castries

Food and Grocery

Got the munchies? Addie's Plus Bakery is located in downtown Castries. The scents that waft from Addie's Plus Bakery are so alluring that it is hard to walk by without stopping in to pick up a loaf of bread, dessert, or pastry. The family owned business has been providing locals and tourists alike with fresh baked goods for years and many are looking forward to the time when they open a second location. Customers can reach them at (758) 453-7412.

You can look at the following table for more information about your options.

Food and Grocery Stores In Castries
Name Type Phone Location
Addie's Plus Bakery Bakery (758) 453-7412 Downtown Castries
Amurbroise Co Ltd Bakery (758) 453-6012 Bisse
Av Spirits Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (758) 451-6933 Bisse
Balata Mini Mart Grocery Store (758) 453-6569 Bisse
Cadasse Bros Ent Ltd Bakery (758) 452-5725 Bisse
Central Bakery Bakery -- Downtown Castries
Fountain Of Natural Health Nutrition and Body Care Store (758) 452-6383 Downtown Castries
House Of Wines & Spirits Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (758) 458-8641 Bisse
Ideal Bakery Ltd Bakery (758) 452-2254 Bisse
Mitchell's Minimart Grocery Store (758) 452-2666 Bisse
Morne Bakery St Lucia Ltd Bakery (758) 451-6347 Bisse
Sammie Bakery Bakery (758) 452-5950 Downtown Castries
Sunrise Daily Bakery Bakery (758) 451-7300 0.3 mi. West-Southwest of Downtown Castries
Super J Grocery Store -- Downtown Castries
Wintrades Supermarket Grocery Store (758) 452-4829 Bisse

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