Vigie Beach

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The beach runs alongside the Vigie Airport runway, which seems like an immediate drawback; but the airport is relatively quiet, and its presence means a lack of hotels and resorts, keeping the beach clean and peaceful. Being close to Castries, it also puts you in a good location for shopping, dining, and other activities when you're day at the beach is finished.

Situated in North Castries, Vigie Beach is on the North coast of Saint Lucia. You should consider stopping by even if you aren't staying very close. Those searching for a somewhat calm, but somewhat social beach on St. Lucia should pay a visit to Vigie Beach. It's just slightly removed from the center of it all, but it's also not completely secluded.

How to Access The Beach
From Castries, go north on the John Compton Hwy and take a left at the roundabout as you pass the airstrip. This will put you right on the water.

Amenities and Ambiance

The sandy shores of Vigie Beach slope gently into the clear blue waters of the Caribbean. The beach is well sheltered, providing relief from unruly tradewinds. A good variety of trees, including palms, are found along the shore, creating natural and much-welcomed shade.

There is also a restaurant right on the water, so if you don't want to leave Vigie Beach at all, it's worth a try. Every nation has its own culinary style, and St. Lucia is no different. One of the most memorable places to discover local delicacies is right on the water. So, you may wish to consider getting pre-packed lunches from your hotel if they offer them. Otherwise, there are plenty of walk-up vendors that offer hot, on-the-go food.

Even if you plan to dine elsewhere, the snack bar on-site could come in handy.

Unfortunately, you won't find any public restrooms along this coastline, so if you're visiting with small children you might want to consider a different location. This beach is popular with the locals, despite its location near the landing strip of Vigie airport.

Don't forget that the area right around Vigie Beach is is a much-visited area, so factor that into your plans.

What's Nearby


Travelers will find Vigie Beach on St. Lucia's North coast. It is near Choc Cemetery, which is only a short distance away. Visitors will have the option to take a taxi or to walk, and it is one of a few favorite local destinations.

Some may think that beaches and museums are an odd combination, but at least a few travelers find that museums like St. Lucia Folk Research Centre (situated not a great distance away) offer rare insight into Caribbean life and help share a different side of St. Lucia.

If you can't wait to see as many of St. Lucia's attractions as possible, you'll find the closest ones in the following table.

Activities and Attractions Near Vigie Beach
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Choc Cemetery Historical Site 0.1 mi. SW Saint Lucia
St. Lucia Folk Research Centre Museum 0.6 mi. S Saint Lucia
Dollar Wise Arcade Gambling Arcade 1.0 mi. SSW Saint Lucia
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Historical Site 1.1 mi. SSW Saint Lucia
Government House Historical Site 1.5 mi. SW Saint Lucia
Le Pavillion Royal Museum Museum 1.5 mi. SW Saint Lucia
La Toc Battery Historical Site 1.6 mi. SW Saint Lucia
Sandals St. Lucia La Toc Golf Golf Course 1.8 mi. SW Saint Lucia

Cities and Towns

Vigie Beach is very close to Castries, so walking the city is a definite option. The closest town is Castries, which is noted for its balance between seclusion and urbanization. From Vigie Beach, Castries is a quick trip away, maybe a mile (a kilometer and a half).


The number of other people sharing spots in the sand can vary widely, depending on everything from the time the sun sets to how packed the nearby hotels are. There aren't many large hotels in the immediate vicinity, but you may encounter guests from some of the area's smaller options.

Though you'll find very few hotels that are within a short car ride, the nearest ones are listed in the following table.

Accommodations near Vigie Beach
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Rendezvous Resort 0.1 mi. NE Resort
Auberge Seraphine Hotel 0.7 mi. SW Hotel


Because restaurants near the beach catch the freshest seafood and the balmiest breezes, don't miss your chance to eat at a local restaurant, where you can sample the local chefs' favorite dishes, without having to stray too far. One of the closest places to eat is Jade Terrace Chinese. The restaurant features Chinese cuisine. They are also famous for their chicken and soups. Some guests will choose to take a cab here, while others will want to walk since it's just a short distance away.

Nearby restaurants are provided in the following table.

Restaurants near Vigie Beach
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Jade Terrace Chinese (758) 451-8952 Chinese Very Casual 0.4 mi. E
Beach Facilities (758) 452-5494 -- -- -- --
Cyril & Sons (758) 453-1500 -- -- -- --
Ferrands Ice Cream (758) 452-3387 International Very Casual -- --
Green Peppers Restaurant (758) 452-5855 -- -- -- --
Honey Bee Cafe (758) 452-5919 -- -- -- --
Irie Ice Cream Parlor (758) 452-6279 -- -- -- --
Le Restaurant De Romantique (758) 451-8790 -- -- -- --
New Sun Restuarnt (758) 451-6326 -- -- -- --
Tench Yasmin (758) 451-8922 -- -- -- --
Walker Mandy (758) 450-3282 -- -- 0.6 mi. E
Restaurant at Auberge Seraphine Hotel (758) 453-2073 Eclectic Fine Dining 0.7 mi. SW

Other Beaches

Saint Lucia has several beautiful beaches, so Vigie Beach is not your only option.

If the vibrant atmosphere of Vigie Beach has you wanting more of the same, you'll want to consider checking out Choc Beach, another destination with a good amount of excitement. It is located one and an eighth miles to the northeast. With its calm waters, and nearby amenities, Choc Beach is a popular spot with vacationing families. However, if you're looking to enjoy a quieter scene, La Toc Beach is a location secluded from lots of tourists and buildings.

You might also want to visit Malabar Beach, located within a couple of miles.

St. Lucia has a lot to offer its visitors, but Vigie Beach is both a relaxing, sunny hangout and a stunning natural feature.


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