Cat Island Attractions

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Home to the highest point in the Bahamas, Cat Island is a great destination for those who want to spend their vacation days outside exploring the natural surroundings. Underwater dive sites are especially popular, but those who want to remain on land can spend their days hiking through the 150 square miles of unspoiled topical landscape. 


Pigeon Cay Beach

You'll find several beaches to choose from on the island. If you are hoping to enjoy some peace and quiet, you will be happy to know that several of the beaches are fairly secluded and free from over-development. Click on the name of the beach for detailed information about that specific beach.

Hawk's Nest Beach: On the southern tip of Cat Island is Hawk's Nest Beach, a beach most frequented by guests of the Hawk's Nest Resort & Marina.

Another place to consider is Pigeon Cay Beach. Pigeon Cay Beach is as popular as they some on the sleepy Cat Island, and you can still manage to go an entire day on the beach without seeing another soul.

Fernandez Bay Beach: By taking the main road west from the airport, you will soon encounter Fernandez Bay.

These examples are just a few of the places worth checking out Visit this article if you want to find more information.

Historical Sites

Enjoy learning some of the history of foreign countries? If yes, you should consider visiting one or two of these historical sites during your time on Cat Island.

A landmark worth visiting is The Hermitage. It is located within southeastern Cat Island. The Hermitage is on top of the highest peak found in the Bahamas. Father Jerome was an architect, spending much of his time designing many of the churches in the island chain.

If you are looking to do more sight-seeing, visit Deveaux Plantation Ruins. It is located in southeastern Cat Island. On the plantation, there was an antebellum-style mansion which housed Colonel Andrew Deveaux, who was an American vet of the Revolutionary War. Surrounded by beautiful landscape and still containing the skeleton of the mansion, this is an interesting site for anyone who enjoy hiking or exploring historical sites.

Armbrister Plantation Ruins: Before you make your way up Mt. Alvernia to the Hermitage, you will come across the Armbrister Plantation Ruins.

Glance through the following chart for a list of historic sites on Cat Island.

Historic Sites On Cat Island
Name Phone Location
Armbrister Plantation Ruins (242) 354-2043 1.2 mi. Southeast of Central The Bight
Deveaux Plantation Ruins (242) 342-3031 11.5 mi. Southeast of Central The Bight
The Hermitage (242) 354-5084 1.3 mi. East-Southeast of Central The Bight

Land Formations

Another fun idea is to go see some of the more interesting area land formations. Fully natural attractions like these on Cat Island can be seen down below.

Land Formations On Cat Island
Name Type Location
Dry Head Reef Reef 8.5 mi. South-Southeast of Central Arthurs Town
Great Lake Lake 9.0 mi. South-Southeast of Central The Bight
Red Pond Pond 10.0 mi. South of Central The Bight
Salt Water Pond Pond 2.7 mi. Southeast of Central The Bight

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