Hawk's Nest Beach

On the southern tip of Cat Island is Hawk's Nest Beach, a beach most frequented by guests of the Hawk's Nest Resort & Marina.

Located on Cat Island, You might want to drop by even if you aren't staying in the immediate vicinity. There are plenty of advantages to visiting a beach that isn't packed full of hotel guests; the lovely, less-traveled shores of beaches like Hawk's Nest Beach are perfect when you need a break from the typical tourist scene.

How to Access The Beach
Heading north east from Hawk's Nest Creek Airport will lead you along the coast to Hawk's Nest Beach.

Amenities and Ambiance

Unfortunately, public restrooms aren't available, but you may be able to find facilities at a nearby business.

Hawk's Nest Beach grants a quiet and serene haven, thanks to the fact that the surrounding area is free of city-life and traffic.

What's Nearby


This beach is positioned on the South coast of Cat Island. Nearby you'll find accommodations like Hawks Nest Resort & Marina, it can be found only a short distance away. Some will choose to take a cab here, while others will prefer the walk to this hotel, perhaps the closest place to stay near Hawk's Nest Beach, despite there not being too many other nearby places of interest.

Cities and Towns


The crowdedness of the shoreline can vary widely, depending on when you visit, and how full nearby hotel rooms are. This beach is not near many large hotels, but it's often visited by guests from smaller lodgings in the area.


While there aren't many widely-known restaurants nearby, you'll probably still spot a few places to try, particularly if you're willing to venture a little farther away. One of the nearest restaurants is Hawk’s Nest Restaurant, which is a mile away.

Nearby dining options are listed below.

Restaurants near Hawk's Nest Beach
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Distance Direction Island
Hawk’s Nest Restaurant (242) 342-7050 Caribbean 1.0 mi. WSW Cat Island

Other Beaches

There are other beaches on Cat Island you might like besides Hawk's Nest Beach.

Vacationers may also want to visit New Bight Beach, which is located a short taxi ride away.

Hawk's Nest Beach could be the ideal stretch of sand, but it is possible that it may not be the best choice for your family; in which case there are other beaches (and other outdoor attractions) worth trying.


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