Man-O-War Point Beach

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This is one of the very remote beaches on Cat Island's northernmost tip. Expect pure isolation and a bit of adventure at this undeveloped getaway.

Situated on Cat Island, near Arthurs Town, You should think about stopping by regardless of whether you are staying in the immediate vicinity. For a change from the usual crowded beach spots, you should consider going off the beaten path to Man-O-War Point Beach.

How to Access The Beach
Take the road that runs north along the eastern coast of Cat Island. Shortly after passing Orange Creek and Pigeon Cay Beach Club, you'll find a trail that will take you north directly up to the beach.

Amenities and Ambiance

The beach itself curves into a Bahamanian smile north of the majestic Blue Hole Lake. The views are breathtaking and the sunsets will paint the sky in colors you may not have thought possible.

Unfortunately, public restrooms aren't available, which is something to consider if you're bringing the kids, or plan to spend all day outside.

Man-O-War Point Beach offers those who visit a quiet and tranquil getaway, in part because the area surrounding the beach is not heavily urbanized.

What's Nearby


Visitors will find this beach on the North West coast of Cat Island. Accommodations nearby include the Tail Winds Resort, which is one of the most conveniently located lodging options accessible from Man-O-War Point Beach, despite there not being too many additional attractions in the area.

Cities and Towns

The closest city you'll find to Man-O-War Point Beach is .


Whether or not you encounter many other people will be influenced by everything from the time of day to the capacity of nearby hotels. This spot is not near many large hotels, but it can attract guests staying at the few small lodgings in the area.

There is a pretty nice assortment of hotel options to pick from in the vicinity of the beach. The most convenient of which have been listed in the following table.

Accommodations near Man-O-War Point Beach
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Tail Winds Resort -- -- Cottages
Pigeon Cay Beach Club 1.5 mi. SSE Hotel
Orange Creek Inn 2.1 mi. SE Hotel
Shannas Cove Resort 2.5 mi. SE Resort
Boggie Pond Lodge 2.8 mi. SE Hotel
Sammy T's Beach Resort 9.2 mi. SE Hotel


Although there aren't many widely-known restaurants nearby, you'll still have some choices, especially if you're willing to drive or bike a few miles. The closest places to grab a bite to eat is Shannas Cove Restaurant, which is a delicious choice during or after a day at the beach.

Nearby dining options are provided in the following table.

Restaurants near Man-O-War Point Beach
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Distance Direction Island
Shannas Cove Restaurant (242) 354-4249 Caribbean, International 2.5 mi. SE Cat Island

Other Beaches

Of course, you'll find plenty of other beaches on Cat Island, so if Man-O-War Point Beach doesn't suit you, you can still find a great spot.

Another option worth considering is Sammy T's Beach, located ten and a half miles away.

Maybe Man-O-War Point Beach is a perfect spot for you to kick back, and at the same time perhaps not the the ideal fit; if so, there are other beaches and natural attractions in the Bahamas you might like.


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