New Bight Beach

New Bight Beach is popular amongst Cat Island's yachters -- in fact, it is the starting point for the annual Cat Island Regatta. Locals also tend to fill up the shore on the weekends, hosting family gatherings and parties on the weekends.

Located in The Bight, New Bight Beach is on the South East coast of Cat Island. You should consider stopping by even if you aren't staying nearby. You will generally find yourself with plenty of room to stretch out, since the vicinity around the beach and the beach itself are not stuffed with visitors.

How to Access The Beach
New Bight Beach can be found near the Government Administration Building along the southwest coast of Cat Island.

Amenities and Ambiance

With its emerald green waters and thin strip of tan colored sand, it is easy to see why local islanders enjoy this spot so thoroughly.

Keep in mind that restrooms won't be found on-site, so those of you traveling with small children may want to consider another spot.

New Bight Beach offers those who visit an angelic and relaxing environment, especially since the surrounding region is free of city-life and traffic.

What's Nearby


New Bight Beach is beautiful natural site, which you'll find on the South East coast of Cat Island. It's located near the Gilbert's Inn and any nearby accommodations, which is one of the most conveniently located places to stay accessible from New Bight Beach, despite the lack of other popular spots in the area.

Cities and Towns


The number of other vacationers sharing this coastline can vary widely, depending on when you visit, and how many people have booked nearby hotels. The beach is not located close to many large hotels, but you may encounter visitors from the few small lodgings in the area.

Although vacationers will find just a few accommodations in the vicinity, those accommodation options closest to the beach are shown in the table that follows.

Accommodations near New Bight Beach
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Gilbert's Inn -- -- Hotel
Island Hoppinn 3.3 mi. NW Hotel
Hallover's Inn 4.5 mi. NW Hotel


You might not run into any places to grab a bit to eat in the immediate surroundings of this beach, so it would be a good idea to pack a lunch if you want to fully enjoy your time spent at the beach.

Other Beaches

Travelers looking for a beach that's right for them will have plenty of other choices on Cat Island besides New Bight Beach.

You may also enjoy Fernandez Bay Beach, which is located not too far away, meaning a short cab ride can take you where you want to go.

There's plenty to see and do in the Bahamas, and dropping by New Bight Beach is just one way to appreciate a pretty afternoon.


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