Taxis on Cat Island

Call ahead for a taxi on Cat Island

Without large cities filled with endless shops and restaurants, taxis simply aren't as necessary as some of the other islands in the Bahamas. Fortunately for those are in need, they are still available, it just may take a little extra doing to get a ride.

Taxi Companies

Taxis are generally found in the large settlements of Arthur's Town and Orange Creek. This is where locals live and work, and many tourists stay in order to be near all of the amenities that prevent them from spending their getaway camping on the beach. When you're in these areas, you may get lucky and catch a taxi as you walk from place to place, but to be safe, it is best to have the phone number of a few local operators on hand so you can call a driver to pick you up when you're in need.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Fares are not to be negotiated as they have been set in advance by the government. They are based on a two person occupancy and start at $3 plus $0.40(USD) per each quarter mile traveled. Every extra passenger is another $3(USD), and if you have more than two pieces of luggage to store in the trunk that will cost extra as well. Although tips are never required, plan to add an extra 15 percent of your total bill for the gratuity.

No, taxis are not the most recommended form of transportation on Cat Island, but those who prefer to avoid driving can find ways to make taxis work for them.


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