Scuba Diving Near Caye Caulker

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The Great Belize Barrier Reef is just one mile off the coast of Caye Caulker, allowing easy access to divers who want to explore one of the undersea wonders of the world.  There are many dive shops on this island in order to accommodate the growing number of tourists who visit specifically to see what lies beneath the surface of the sea, and as more shops open, the competitive nature of pricing works in the favor of the diver who is often able to find great deals here. 

You'll find 7 dive services and a small number of interesting dive sites to choose from.

Dive Operators

If you're ready to take the plunge, you might want to contact E Z Boy Tours. Although they really specialize in sailing tours, EZ Boy Tours also employs a staff of fully trained snorkeling professionals who are ready and waiting to help you to explore what lies just beneath the surface of the sea. Just off the coast is one of the most extensive barrier reefs in the world just waiting to be seen. They are located within central Caye Caulker.

Another good option is Belize Diving Services. Dives with Belize Diving Services will take you to all of the most popular sites in the region including the barrier reef, the Blue Hole, the Lighthouse Atoll, and the Tureffe Atoll. In some cases you can combine sites for a larger dive package. You can call them at (501) 226-0143.

A third good option is Scuba Sensation. If you're a certified diver who wants to explore what lies beneath the surface of the sea in Belize, Scuba Sensation is a great choice for you. They specialize in small group dives of seven guests or less for the ultimate in personalized service. They're located within Caye Caulker.

The following table has a few details concerning dive service operators.

Dive Operators Near Caye Caulker
Name Phone Location
Belize Diving Services (501) 226-0143 1.2 mi. South of Central Caye Caulker
Caye Caulker Travel & Tour (501) 226-0370 Caye Caulker
E Z Boy Tours (501) 206-0349 Central Caye Caulker
Frenchie’s Diving Services (501) 226-0234 1417.1 mi. West of Central Puerto Rico
Hicaco Tours (501) 226-0174 1.3 mi. South-Southeast of Central Caye Caulker
Mario’s Snorkeling Tours (501) 226-0056 1.4 mi. South of Central Caye Caulker
Scuba Sensation (501) 667-4700 Caye Caulker

Dive Services

The chart below offers the typical cost of dive services in this area.

Dive Services
Offering Type Low Rate High Rate
Double Tank Dive $ 100.0 $ 145.0
Open Water Certification $ 375.0 $ 450.0
Single Tank Dive $ 60.0 $ 75.0

Dive Sites

Some information regarding some of the area's major dive sites can be seen here:

Dive Sites Near Caye Caulker
Name Quality Max Depth Latitude Longitude
Caye Caulker -- -- 17.7360842027 -88.0162760803
Coral Garden Very Good 20.0 17.7499166667 -88.0021833333
Shark and Ray Alley Very Good 9.8 17.8417833333 -87.9861833333

To learn more concerning diving, including useful tips and suggestions for both beginners and experienced divers, read our exhaustive discussion of scuba diving in the Caribbean.


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