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A truly Caribbean hot spot, Wish Willys is run by Maurice Moore, also known as Wish Willy. The chef and owner was born in Belize, but grew up in Chicago, Illinois where he studied the culinary arts only to return to his home country and open a spot on the beach where people can get a delicious meal and enjoy a drink with friends.

Wish Willys

Serving food day and night, Wish Willy's always offers a unique dining experience. Breakfast is simple enough, with an array of International offerings like breakfast burritos and crepes, but lunch is a whole 'nother story. The offerings at lunch are strictly Belizean, but the trouble is, you never know if Chef Maurice is going to be one site to prepare it for you. You simply have to stop by and hope for the best. Dinner, however, is a sure thing. What you can't be sure of is the food you'll get. There is no set dinner menu. Instead, the chef will stop by your table, let you know what he is going to be preparing that evening, and then he will cook you a truly gourmet masterpiece described as Kreole Fusion. He uses a mixture of seafood and meats. The jerk chicken and grilled lobster are always raved about, and Chef Maurice is known for his special secret recipe homemade hot sauce.

Wish Willys is a grill that offers Creole and Fusion cuisines, as well as chicken. Expect an atmosphere and service that is very casual. This dining option's open during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, allowing you and your group to sample their cuisine at almost any meal.


Due to the reasonably spacious dimensions of the restaurant, out-of-towners can expect to avoid enduring waits during high-volume periods. And, this makes for a smart choice of dining establishment if you and your traveling companions are arriving with a large party.

Located on the North End of Caye Caulker, Wish Willys is just as much about the experience as it is about the food. The open air spot invited the tropical winds in along with its guests, who will sit at homemade tables and chairs, and enjoy an eclectic selection of music during their meal.


Set on Caye Caulker, It is at 1111 Caye Corker.

Contact Info

Location: 1111 Caye Corker, Caye Caulker

Phone: (501) 206-0307

Secondary Phone: (501) 660-7194

Website: http://wish-willy.com/

Email: wishwilly2000@yahoo.com


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