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There is a nice mixture of dining options available to those who choose to stay or pass through Cayey. Most of the major international fast food chains are represented here for tourists who are on the go and want something familiar to eat, while restaurants serving a blend of Caribbean and Latin-American cuisine are popular amongst tourists who prefer to immerse themselves in local culture through cuisine.

Caribbean and Local

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Diners will encounter a few opportunities to experiment with local flavors during their stay in Cayey. Creole and Caribbean dishes are among the choices found in the area. Remember to click on the link to each restaurant to read further information.

Casa Tropical is a local lunch and dinner spot located in the heart of Cayey. Enjoy authentic local cuisine when you stop by Casa Tropical for dinner and a drink. You can reach them at (787) 263-2660.

Guests might want to think about dining at Taco Maker Montellano. The Taco Maker serves quick service Mexican fare, with such favorites as tacos, burritos, and taco salads available for a low price and in only a matter of minutes. The kids meal strays away from Mexican fare only to offer chicken nuggets as an alternative, and tator tots are also on the menu. Guests will be able to find them at 14 Km 13.3.

Cafe Aromarte has a variety of cuisines to try, including Caribbean and Creole. Cafe Aromarte is a family owned restaurant and wine cellar where you can enjoy a meal of local fare paired with a perfectly matched beverage. You can contact them at (787) 263-2527.

Use the collection right below to find information on these kinds of possibilities in the area.

Caribbean and Local Restaurants in Cayey
Name Location Type Phone Number
Cafe Aromarte Central Cayey Caribbean, Creole, Latin American (787) 263-2527
Casa Tropical Central Cayey Caribbean, Creole, Latin American (787) 263-2660
Martin's BBQ Cayey Central Cayey Caribbean (787) 738-1144
Monchos Cafe Central Cayey Creole (787) 738-8995
Taco Maker Montellano 1.6 mi. East-Northeast of Central Cayey Mexican (787) 263-5899

European and Asian

Diners will be able to choose between several European options nearby, but don't anticipate finding many options for Asian dining. Moreover, there are at least a couple Asian dining options nearby where visitors can enjoy a bit of Chinese cuisine.

Little Caesar's Cayay can be found at Cayey Shopping Plaza and is a local eatery offering pizza located in the heart of Cayey. Hot, ready-to-go pizza is what makes Little Caesar so successful. it is perfect for spur of the moment decisions to have pizza.

The table just below collects all 7 relevant choices that are able to be seen while in Cayey.

European and Asian Restaurants in Cayey
Name Location Type Phone Number
Casinos Pizza Central Cayey Italian (787) 263-2566
Dragon Chino Central Cayey Chinese (787) 263-8080
Gaby's Pizza Central Cayey Italian (787) 263-5420
La Bella China Central Cayey Chinese (787) 263-0071
La Nova Pizza Inc Central Cayey Italian (787) 263-7793
La Pizzeraa Central Cayey Italian (787) 263-1818
Little Caesar's Cayay Central Cayey Italian (787) 738-7272

American and Other

You'll be able to find plenty of establishments offering American cuisine in Cayey. In addition to that, diners will be able to choose from Tex-Mex and International meals, among other options.

Chili's Cayey can be found at Mall Plaza Cayey and is a local bar and grill found in eastern Cayey. Chilis specializes in American and Southwestern (think: Tex-Mex) cuisine. Everything has a bit of a kick to it, including the french fries. They are located on Road # 1 Km 55.2.

A notable dining venue you could try is Ponderosa Cayey. The idea of a buffet is very appealing to many diners, especially after a long day of exploring the island and working up an appetite. Ponderosa Steakhouse has exactly what you're looking for -- an all you can eat buffet for those who want to give it a go, and an a la carte menu with some of the finest steak cuts around. You can reach them at (787) 263-7030.

Sizzler Cayey: Sizzler has been a top name in the buffet dinning industry for years, and now they also offer a menu that you can order directly from for such items as steak and seafood.

A nice local establishment you might visit is Burger King Cayey Central. With multiple locations throughout Puerto Rico, you can drive through or stop into a Burger King no matter where you're visiting.

Burger King Cayey Shopping Plaza is a casually themed restaurant found within the heart of Cayey. Having originally opened in 1954, Burger King has been serving flame broiled burgers to customers for more than half a century.

Look through the chart just below in order to view all the relevant choices that can be found within Cayey.

American and Other Restaurants in Cayey
Name Location Type Phone Number
Burger King Cayey Central 0.3 mi. West-Southwest of Central Cayey American --
Burger King Cayey Shopping Plaza Central Cayey American --
Burger King Plaza Cayey 1.8 mi. East-Northeast of Central Cayey American --
Chili's Cayey 1.8 mi. East-Northeast of Central Cayey American, Tex-Mex (787) 738-6335
McDonald's Cayey 0.4 mi. West of Central Cayey American --
Ponderosa Cayey 1.8 mi. East-Northeast of Central Cayey American (787) 263-7030
Sizzler Cayey 1.1 mi. East of Central Cayey American (787) 738-4220
Subway Plaza Miliangie Central Cayey American (787) 738-8545
Wendy's Cayey 1.0 mi. East of Central Cayey American (787) 792-2001
Willie's BBQ Central Cayey American, International (787) 263-9090

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