Map of Restaurants in Cayey

1 | Taco Maker Montellano

Who better than to make you a Mexican meal in a hurry than the Taco Maker? Fresh and made to order, this fast food chain simply can't be beat.

Found at 14 Km 13.3, this fast food restaurant is located a mile and a half (two and a half kilometers) to the east-northeast of the center of Cayey.

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2 | Ponderosa Cayey

The idea of a buffet is very appealing to many diners, especially after a long day of exploring the island and working up an appetite. Ponderosa Steakhouse has exactly what you're looking for -- an all you can eat buffet for those who want to give it a go, and an a la carte menu with some of the finest steak cuts around.

Guests will find this buffet within traveling distance of Cayey, a quarter mile (a half kilometer) from Taco Maker Montellano.

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3 | Burger King

There's nothing better than a great burger and a side of fries. Burger King always has you covered when it comes to this favorite pairing.

This fast food restaurant can be found within easy traveling range from Cayey, less than a hundred yards (less than a hundred meters) from Ponderosa Cayey.

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4 | Chili's Cayey

Bold flavors and a mellow atmosphere is what this popular chain restaurant is recognized for. On this menu, you'll find all of your old American and International dishes made with a little extra flavor.

This bar and grill is situated on the premises of Mall Plaza Cayey, and is a couple hundred yards (a few hundred meters) from Burger King Plaza Cayey.

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1 | Wendy's

The brain child of Dave Thomas, Wendy's is a fast food hamburger joint named for his red-headed daughter. Wendy's has long since grown up, but hungry diners still head to the restaurant by the car full for the restaurants signature value meals.

This fast food restaurant is located 1.0 mile (1.6 km) east of Cayey, and is on the eastern outskirts of Cayey.

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2 | Sizzler Cayey

Sizzler has been a top name in the buffet dinning industry for years, and now they also offer a menu that you can order directly from for such items as steak and seafood.

This steak house is located on the eastern outskirts of Cayey, and is a short distance from Wendy's Cayey.

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1 | McDonald's

Fast food doesn't get any better than this: Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, white meat chicken nuggets, and of course, the world famous fries. When you need a meal on the go, McDonalds is the obvious choice.

When you're coming from the center of Cayey, go a quarter mile (a half kilometer) to the west to locate this fast food restaurant.

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2 | Burger King

With multiple locations throughout Puerto Rico, you can drive through or stop into a Burger King no matter where you're visiting.

This fast food restaurant is about a hundred yards (a couple hundred meters) from McDonald's Cayey.

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1 | Burger King

Having originally opened in 1954, Burger King has been serving flame broiled burgers to customers for more than half a century.

You can find this fast food restaurant just 0.5 miles (0.9 km) south of the center of Cayey.

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2 | Little Caesar's Cayay

Hot, ready-to-go pizza is what makes Little Caesar so successful. it is perfect for spur of the moment decisions to have pizza.

Visitors will find this carry out restaurant at Cayey Shopping Plaza, a couple hundred yards (a few hundred meters) from Burger King Cayey Shopping Plaza.

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This map spotlights the location of 10 restaurants in Cayey.

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Points of Interest Near Cayey
Click to Show Name (Click to Read Article) Area/Vicinity (Click to Show on Map)
Burger King Cayey Central 0.3 mi. West-Southwest of Central Cayey
Burger King Cayey Shopping Plaza Central Cayey
Burger King Plaza Cayey 1.8 mi. East-Northeast of Central Cayey
Chili's Cayey 1.8 mi. East-Northeast of Central Cayey
Little Caesar's Cayay Central Cayey
McDonald's Cayey 0.4 mi. West of Central Cayey
Ponderosa Cayey 1.8 mi. East-Northeast of Central Cayey
Sizzler Cayey 1.1 mi. East of Central Cayey
Taco Maker Montellano 1.6 mi. East-Northeast of Central Cayey
Wendy's Cayey 1.0 mi. East of Central Cayey


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