Attractions on Cayman Brac

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Many tourists head to Cayman Brac dreaming of a peaceful getaway in which there is little more to do than relax on the beach.  While this is certainly a possibility thanks to the near-perfect, often shallow shore-fronts.  Within the 14 square miles of land also exists the oldest museum in the Cayman Islands, a nature reserve, and a historic home that is open to the public. 


Brac Reef Beach

You will find an abundance of beaches to visit on the island. If you are hoping to have a long stretch of sand to yourself, you're likely to be pleased, since some of these beaches are fairly secluded and lightly used. Click on the name of the beach for a detailed guide to that section of the coast.

A nice beach where snorkeling is an option is Buccaneer Beach. This small stretch of beach is rocky enough the water shoes are recommended. It may not be an ideal destination for relaxing in the sand, but it is great if you pick your beaches for their snorkeling opportunities.

A second alternative to consider is Sea Feather Bay Beach. This beach has fine, soft sand and just a few villas along the shore. You might find yourself all alone here.

Pollard Bay Beach: There's a few access points from the road but most of them are the private driveways of the beachfront villas here, so be careful how you get on the beach, lest you disturb someone's privacy. Just drive east on the road that runs along the islands south coast and as you near the island's edge, look for access paths that aren't next to residences.

Luckily, you can find a nice selection of beaches on the island. You can read this extended discussion if you'd like to discover more information.

Landmark Attractions

If the nitty gritty aspects of life by the sea interest you, you should think about visiting Cayman Brac Lighthouse. Cayman Brac Lighthouse isn't the most elaborate of its kind, but it is definitely worth a visit for the views and photo opportunities alone.

Another interesting landmark worth visiting is Cayman Brac Museum. It is located in central Cayman Brac. The museum is open to visitors on Wednesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Heritage House: The main focus of Heritage House is to showcase how islanders of the past made use of the natural resourced available to them in all aspects of life. There are also exhibits about music, artwork, and cooking.

Of course, the island offers a nice selection of sites to visit. For a more comprehensive look at other interesting places to visit on Cayman Brac, follow this link.

Natural Attractions

Salt Water Pond is one of the most enjoyable outdoor attractions. <p>Once designated as an Animal Sanctuary, Saltwater Pond was stripped of that recognition in 2012. Even so, it remains a tranquil spot to check out on your tour of Cayman Brac's south coast.</p>

Brac Parrot Reserve is another place worth a visit. <p>When a rare species of Parrot was wiped out in 1932, the people of the Cayman Islands knew they had to do something to preserve the remaining parrots for future generations, but what? It wasn't until 1991 when the National Trust acquired the perfect parcel of land to create this natural attraction: the Brac Parrot Reserve.</p>

Cayman Brac has plenty of other nature attractions. Click here to read our page dedicated to natural attractions on Cayman Brac.


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