Scuba Diving Near Cayman Brac

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Home to some of the clearest and deepest visibility in the Caribbean, Cayman Brac is a highly sought after scuba diving destination.  There are more then 30 dive sites easily accessible from the shore, and more if you're willing to travel a little further out.  If you're planning a getaway where diving plays a central role, this is definitely a destination to consider. 

There are dive operators dive services and at least 39 different dive sites in the area.

Dive Operators

Reef Divers

If you'd like to go diving, you should consider Brac Scuba Shack. Owned and operated by three locals with 15 years of experience diving around the island, Brac Scuba Shack came into being when the need for a scuba operation that focused on my personalized service arose. The facility never takes out more than 10 divers at a time, so guests are never made to feel like cattle herded together on a small boat. They are found within Cayman Brac.

Another good option is Reef Divers. "Valet diving" with Reef Divers allows you to relax while their team handles all the lifting, hauling and packing of your gear. They currently have a fleet of five boats and only allow 20 divers per boat for added comfort. They can be reached at (855) 439-6815.

A few details regarding the area's dive services are provided directly below.

Dive Operators Near Cayman Brac
Name Phone Location
Brac Scuba Shack (345) 926-2584 Cayman Brac
Reef Divers (855) 439-6815 1.0 mi. South West of Central West End

Dive Sites

A few details regarding some of the area's dive sites are shown in this chart:

Dive Sites Near Cayman Brac
Name Latitude Longitude
Airport Wall 19.6922809158 -79.9033019135
Anchor Wall 19.6777342819 -79.8669097015
Angel Reef 19.6824216748 -79.8500868866
Bat Cave 19.7027859961 -79.8021933624
Bluff Wall 19.733327618 -79.7302672455
Buccaneer 19.695190084 -79.8821875641
Butterfly Reef 19.6801588126 -79.8663947174
Cemetery 19.7042404914 -79.8765227386
Charlie's Reef 19.7029476074 -79.8698279449
Duppy's Reef 19.7199158783 -79.8322341034
East Chute 19.7010082618 -79.8847624847
Elkhorn Reef 19.6822600429 -79.8555800507
End of Island Wall 19.6804820806 -79.9065634796
Garden Eel Wall 19.7066646207 -79.872574527
Greenhouse Reef 19.735104993 -79.8094031403
Greenhouse Wall 19.7363976169 -79.8147246429
Grunt Valley 19.7045637107 -79.8657080719
Hedy's Reef 19.6896949441 -79.8332640717
Inside Out 19.6882403167 -79.8257109711
Kissamee 19.6995537372 -79.8778960297
Lighthouse Reef 19.6769260968 -79.8784110138
MV Captain Keith Tibbetts 19.6929833333 -79.8831833333
Manta Canyon 19.6896949441 -79.8150679657
Middle Chute 19.6976143504 -79.8897406647
Patch Reef 19.7008466486 -79.8737761566
Pillar Coral Reef 19.6827449383 -79.8451087067
Plymouth Rock 19.7302575601 -79.8157546112
Prince Frederick Wreck 19.7021395496 -79.7752425262
Public Beach 19.6917960493 -79.8205611298
Radar Reef 19.7242788569 -79.8250243256
Radar Reef 19.7144833333 -79.8336666667
Rock Monster Chimney 19.7103815477 -79.7649428436
School House Wall 19.7178151424 -79.8602149078
Sea Feather Wall 19.685492651 -79.8403021881
Sergeant Major 19.6772493713 -79.8720595428
Snapper Reef 19.709896736 -79.8464819977
The Hobbit 19.6730467517 -79.8861357758
Tiara Tunnels 19.6780575547 -79.8615881989
West Chute 19.6964830307 -79.8969504425

For more information concerning diving, including suggestions and helpful tips for both experienced divers and beginners, check out our exhaustive Caribbean diving page.


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