Sailing and Boating Near Cayman Brac

Sailing is beginning to boom on Cayman Brac

Photo credit: © Reef Divers

Cayman Brac has a port of entry in Creek for those who love sailing and are looking forward to a high seas adventure as the way they will get to the islands.  You can also charter a yacht locally if sailing all the way to the island is not in the cards for this trip.

Boat Rentals and Charters

Sailing here is risky because of the off-shore coral reef, so if you're a beginner, you may want to save this excursion when you have more hours under your belt, or bring a long an very experienced captain.  If you feel up for the challenge, you can hire a chartered boat to make your own for a few hours up through a few days by working with a local charter company. 


As you sail into port, make sure to fly your yellow quarantine flag, and give port security a call over VHF station 16.  After reviewing your paperwork, they will insist upon a mosquito fumigation which costs $25(USD).  Pay the fee and have it done, or you will not be granted clearance.  While there are currently marinas on Cayman Brac, there are three proposals in the works, so in the near future this may become a more popular yachting haven.

If sailing to and around Cayman Brac as it remains in its more natural form without much fanfare surrounding the sport of yachting sounds appealing to you, then now is a great time to being making plans.  Although this island will probably always retain its traditional island-life appeal, there is only a short time left before yachting facilities being to boom.  


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