Cayman Brac Transportation Options

Transportation options on Cayman Brac are not as limiting as you might expect

Not as touristy as Grand Cayman, but still busier than Little Cayman, Cayman Brac is the “not too hot and not too cold” island in the Cayman Islands chain.  While it does take a little more work to arrange transportation here than on Grand Cayman, the options are all there to ensure you can plan the getaway of your dreams. 

Air Travel

Renamed theCaptain Charles Kirkconnel International Airport from the Gerrard Smith International Airport, Cayman Brac's small air facility makes it possible for tourists from around the world to make this their primary vacation destination.  While a connection may be necessary through Miami, Florida or Grand Cayman, the fact remains that you can make it happen.  Find out exactly how by clicking here


Creek on Cayman Brac is an official port of entry, which means those who choose to sail internationally as their mode of transportation to the Cayman Islands can sail directly to the island and get their vacation started.  Like with any port, there are a few formalities to take care of as you clear in, and you can learn all about them by clicking here


The Cayman Islands have one cruise port in Georgetown on Grand Cayman.  While it is unfortunate that you are unable to sail directly to Cayman Brac, if things are timed just right, you should be able to make it to the airport (also in Georgetown) for a quick flight over.  This is a little risky because there are a number of factors that could prevent you from getting back to the boat on time, but if you're willing to take the change, these day trips are a possibility for cruisers.  As you research the possibility, be on the look out for cruises that tour the West Caribbean.

Rental Cars

Due to the lack of public transportation, the most reliable form of transportation on Cayman Brac (aside from walking) is to rent a car.  There are four locally owned rental agencies on the island, and although there is not much competition, prices are low.  The roadways are easy to drive on and local drivers are courteous, making choosing to rent a car here an over-all good experience.  Find out more when you click here


There are a few taxi services on the island, but they are not an organized, well operated machine like in some of the busier destinations around the world.  Here you won't find taxis simply waiting around at the airport and other popular tourist spots.  Instead, make arrangements with your or a local operator to have someone pick you up when you're supposed to arrive.  Costs are low, with the first mile costing about $5(USD) for the first mile and around $2(USD) for each mile after that.


There is no public transportation system on the island, but, locals are so friendly that they will often stop and ask people if they need a ride (free of charge!) if they see visitors walking down the street.  The crime rate on this island is nearly non-existent, so if you feel comfortable doing so, this is one of the few places in the world that previous travelers would suggest you hitch a ride. 

Flying and driving are the most recommended ways to get to and around Cayman Brac, but as you can see these are not the only options.  After reviewing what is available, you'll now what's the best choice for you and be able to begin making your final plans. 


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