Accommodations in the Cayman Islands

Accommodations in the Cayman Islands meet even the highest standards

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The Cayman Islands take pride in providing world class accommodations to their visitors. In fact, there is even a Tourism Accommodations Law, and the government's Tourist Board routinely checks with hotels to make sure they adhere to the utmost standards for their guests.


Each of the Cayman Islands has a little something different to offer vacationers with regards to attractions, activities, and of course, lodgings.

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman, because it is the largest and most populous island, sees the most tourist activity.  The areas along the west coast, from George Town to West End (and at Seven Mile Beach in particular), is where the highest concentration of not only hotels, but restaurants, shopping, and attractions are located.  There are a few resorts in the Seven Mile Beach area, but villas are especially popular, with properties like the Avalon and Coralstone Club claiming space.

Cayman Brac

The smaller islands have their own unique offerings. Cayman Brac features mainly resorts and family-run inns for guests, though it remains less developed than Grand Cayman.  Tourism on this island is mainly centered on natural attractions.

Little Cayman

Less developed still than Cayman Bras is Little Cayman.  The lodgings on Little Cayman are small resorts and rental properties, with much of the tourism focusing on the area's gorgeous underwater scenery.

Be aware that when you book your Cayman Islands stay through on-line travel vendors, you may not be reserving a hotel in the location you think it is in.  Often times, hotels will be listed as being located in large cities, when in fact they are several miles away.  This is to try and entice travelers with well-known city names.  While this may not be an issue for some people, many travelers do choose their lodgings based on location.  The best course of action is to look at the hotel's official web site, or simply give them a call to confirm.

You can find out more about the layout of the Cayman Islands when you visit our Map of the Cayman Islands page.  Not only will you see a digital image of the islands, but you will be able to read about the top attractions and and transportation options based on location.

Personal Considerations

Choosing your accommodations may be as simple as snapping your fingers for some travelers, but others have a lot of factors to take into consideration.  This is especially true for someone planning a trip for a large group of people, who is trying to make everyone happy.

Number of People Traveling

If you are traveling with a large group, you will want to choose lodgings that can accommodate everyone, but won't break the bank.  A hotel the specializes in large suites (for example, Comfort Suites), or a rental property might be your best option.  Most of these properties will also have on-site kitchens and laundry facilities, which may also save you money come meal time and will enable you to experience some of the local fare.

Smaller families will want to be on the look out for a family-friendly resort.  Many properties now-a-days are created specifically to accommodate the young families that visit the island, and include kids clubs, daily family activities, and even extra attractions on-site, such as splash pools for kids, or a game room.  Some of the most popular family-friendly hotels in the Cayman Islands include the Ritz Carlton Hotel Grand Cayman and Marriott Beach Resort Grand Cayman.

Adults traveling without children, and want to keep it that way should choose a resort more geared towards adult, and a couple looking for a romantic getaway will be most comfortable at a quiet inn, or a hotel known for being romantic, like the Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa. 


...find a hotel that caters to your interests.


As aforementioned, the Cayman Islands is known for hotels that offer package deals based upon specific activities which means you will likely find a hotel that caters to your interests.  Beach Club Colony Hotel & Dive Resort is one such hotel, where guest who want to spend much of their stay snorkeling and diving will find packages geared towards them.

Length of Stay

The longer you stay on the islands, the more comfortable you'll want your home away from home to be.   If you are staying for a just a few days, choosing a hotel should be no problem.  However, if you are staying for more than a week, you may want to consider a vacation rental property, where you can set up a more personalized home base.


One thing to keep in mind in the Caymans is that accommodations may seem a little pricey. The least you're likely to pay for a room is $75(USD) per night, though prices are generally much higher, with some costing more than $500(USD) per night.

However, don't forget that in the low season (April 15 through December 15), hotels may discount as much as 50 percent of the room cost. This can help to make your vacation more affordable. Resort packages also help keep costs down, especially for divers.

Gratuities for maid services are generally included in the hotel bill and range from 5 to 10 percent of the total bill. Additionally, there is a 10 percent government tax on all accommodations. These costs will not generally be quoted as part of the nightly rate, so add them to your budget.

Whether you're looking for a room in your budget, or of a certain quality, our star rating system can help you out. Although it is often assumed that the higher the rating the more expensive the room (and vice versa), this is not always the case, especially in the 2, 3, and 4 star range, which often have prices that are quite similar.

One and Two Stars

If you're not looking for anything fancy, you will find hotels that are rated 1 Star to be perfectly acceptable.  Small rooms, with the basic amenities, and daily housekeeping are the typical type of 1 Star properties.  A few of the 1 Star hotels in the Cayman Islands include the Islands Club and Oceanside Plantation.  Expect to pay between $75 and $400(USD) for a 1 Star property in the Cayman Islands. 

Two Star properties, like Casa Caribe, are a step up on the ladder from the 1 Star hotels.   These places may have a few extra amenities, may be a bit larger, and may feature a friendly staff.  The going rate for a 2 Star hotel is somewhere between $100 and $500(USD) per night.

Three Stars

Right in the middle of the star rating system are the 3 Star properties.  These places are the most commonly chosen, because they are often clean, comfortable, have very accommodating staff members, and verge on the luxury.  Check out Grandview Condominiums, Ramada Inn Grand Caymanian Resort, and London House.   You will probably find 3 Star hotels in the Cayman Islands to run between $125 and $600(USD)

Four Stars

Four Star properties are definitely worth looking into.  They have luxurious amenities, numerous extras included in the price, impeccable service, and appealing furnishings.  The staff is always on hand to pamper guests, which is a plus for those who really need to relax and be waited on.  A few 4 Star properties include Sunshine Suites Resort, Beachcomber, and Grand Cayman Beach Suites.  If you are lucky, you may find a 4 Star property for around $175(USD), but in all likelihood, you'll probably spend closer to $650(USD) per night or more. 

Five Stars

If you want the top of the line, the best of the best, reserve a hotel that is rated with 5 Stars.  It simply does not get better than a 5 Star property in the Cayman Islands.  Whether you want to be pampered, you require impeccably furnished rooms, or want multiple extras included in the cost of your room, you will often find it all at a 5 Star.  Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman is an example of one of the upper crust hotels in the Cayman Islands.  These top hotels in the Cayman Islands come in at around $500 to over $1000(USD) per night.

The Cayman Islands work hard to make your stay a tropical delight, accommodations and all.


Cayman Brac Beach Resort

There are multiple categories of hotels to choose between in the area, including at least a few hotels and a variety of resorts. For those who plan on soaking up some sunshine next to the pool, there are a number of properties to pick from that have top-notch swimming facilities. Read additional information about each property by clicking the links.

A great vacation destination which has active on-site recreation is Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman. The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman is situated in the center of exclusive Seven Mile Beach spanning 144 acres and just 10 minutes from Owen Roberts International Airport. The hotel offers stunning views of the surroundings unequaled across the globe. If you want to know more, call them at (345) 943-9000.

For guests seeking to stay somewhere with a good bar and club scene, Courtyard by Marriott Grand Cayman is one destination you may want to think about. Each of the 273 guest rooms and 22 suites feature classic Cayman furnishings made of rich dark woods and warm colors. They're located at 1590 West Bay Raod, on Grand Cayman.

Anybody looking to find a place to stay with good swimming facilities, one destination to think about is Treasure Island Resort. Treasure Island Resort is an apartment community intended for long-term stay, typically by corporate guests. However, in recent years the resort has made 50 units available for guests who desire a short term stay. They're at 269 West Bay Road, on Grand Cayman.

Fortunately, you'll find quite a few other options too. To read more about the standard hotels available, read this page.

Condos and Villa Complexes

Morrit's Grand Resort

There are also non-hotel booking options in the area, including a few condominiums and a large variety of villa complexes. Avid beach-goers will usually have convenient access to the beach, as a lot of the lodgings are located right on the shore.

If you are looking for an accommodation with top-notch swimming pool facilities, one location to consider is Morrit's Grand Resort. The premier vacation ownership destination on Grand Cayman is Morritt’s Tortuga Club and Morritt’s Grand Resort. On the quiet, exclusive side of Grand Cayman, where you will find the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean and the finest place to own a timeshare in the Cayman Islands. They are located at 2289 Queens Highway, on Grand Cayman.

A destination located on the oceanfront that merits consideration is Treasure Island Condominiums. The one, two, and three bedroom condo units at Treasure Island Condominiums all sit less than 100 feet from Seven Mile Beach. Each unit is individually owned and rented, with the hotel next door under separate management but with amenities available to condo guests. They can be found on West Bay Road.

Tennis enthusiasts and their families usually enjoy staying at Lacovia Condos, since they have some nice tennis courts. One, two, and three bedroom suites are available to guests wishing to stay at Lacovia Condos. Each condo is individually owned, making decor and amenities unique to each room. You can call them at (345) 949-7599.

The Cayman Islands is home to quite a few other villa complexes. Click here to visit our guide to these types of accommodations within the area.

Individual Villas

Certain people often prefer the seclusion offered by one of the many privately rented villas. If you need to find more details concerning the private rental properties in the Cayman Islands on this page.

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort

Some people seek the comfort of paying for everything on a single bill. There are many explanations why these plans are popular. For instance, they make it easy to accurately predict the cost of your vacation.

For guests wanting to stay somewhere with a good late-night scene, Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort is one location you may want to think about. The resort has almost 300 rooms and suites available for guests, all over-sized and spacious. Rooms at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort range from Guest Rooms to Presidential Suites, with garden and ocean views. They're located at 389 West Bay Road, on Grand Cayman.

One property located on the ocean with excellent views of the water is The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa. Nestled in the warm sands of the Seven Mile Beach, the Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa offers guests a one of a kind stay. The resort holds the honor of being named to the Condé Nast Traveler's 2002 Gold List. Visitors can find them at 7 Mile Beach Road, on Grand Cayman.

Those needing to find out more concerning properties offering this option, go to this page.


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