Renting a Bike or Scooter in the Cayman Islands

Bikes and mopeds let travelers see the Cayman Islands at their own pace

Photo credit: © Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

Travelers are often attracted to the Cayman Islands by the gorgeous beaches and ideal temperatures. And while most people will be eager to get out on the sand, some may feel that their vacation isn't complete until they have an opportunity to see the island from the seat of a bicycle or moped.

Regardless of whether you favor a relaxing ride through the tropical landscape or an exhilarating trip soaking up the local scenery, rental options on every island are available to accommodate you.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman are all relatively flat, which make biking through the area easy. Either of the smaller islands are great for exploring on two wheels, although traffic can get heavy in Georgetown, particularly during rush hours, and visitors are discouraged from relying on a bicycle or moped for primary transportation in the more urban areas.

Rates will vary by rental agency and island, but should start around $10(USD) per day for bicycles, and $40(USD) per day for mopeds. Oftentimes companies will be willing to offer a discounted rate for travelers who are interested in keeping the equipment for several days or a week.

The Options

If you are considering seeing the sights at a slower pace, there are a variety of different places that can help.

If you're ready to make a reservation, you should consider Cayman Bike Company. Cayman Bike Company is No. 1 for rentals on the island. They are found within Seven Mile Beach, in western the Cayman Islands.

Another good option is Cayman Auto Rentals. Conveniently located within walking distance of the cruise ship docks, Cayman Auto Rentals offers not only regular cars but scooters and bikes as well. Although anyone can benefit from renting a scooter or bike, they are especially popular amongst cruisers who will be spending just a few short hours in town. They can be reached at (345) 949-1013.

Still another option is West Bay Loop. The West Bay Look guided tour lasts for three hours and takes you past Seven Mile Beach, the beaches of Barkers National Park, Boatswain's Bay, and Hell Post Office. located in West Bay, in western the Cayman Islands. They're

The chart below lists more details regarding 7 businesses in the area.

Bike and Moped Rental In the Cayman Islands
Name Phone Location Island
Cayman Auto Rentals (345) 949-1013 0.5 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown Grand Cayman
Cayman Bike Company (866) 212-8027 4.0 mi. North of Central Georgetown Grand Cayman
Cayman Cycle Rentals (345) 945-4021 Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman
Scooten! Scooters! (345) 916-4971 0.5 mi. South West of Central Blossom Village Little Cayman
Scooters and Wheels Georgetown (345) 916-4724 Downtown Georgetown Grand Cayman
Scooters and Wheels Seven Mile (345) 916-4724 Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman
West Bay Loop (345) 939-0911 1.6 mi. West of Central West Bay Grand Cayman

Visitors should not forget to check with their hotel or resort, as these places are often yet another option. Frequently they have bikes available for guests, however, it is rare that motor scooters and mopeds are offered. A concierge should also be able to arrange for guided tours if travelers prefer to explore in groups or with an "old pro."

Bikes and mopeds are both excellent ways to see the island's more remote areas, offering vacationers a great chance to enjoy the fresh air and famous scenery. Reasonable rates make two-wheeling adventures available to almost everyone, and excursions through the Cayman countryside are made more pleasant by the independence allowed by bicycles and mopeds.


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