Clothing and Attire in the Cayman Islands

Light and breezy are key when it comes to Cayman Islands attire

Photo credit: © Ramunas Bruzas |

the Cayman Islands Clothing

Travelers visiting the Cayman Islands would do well to keep in mind the local phrase, "Keep your shell on!" when it comes to public attire. While it is a tropical island, the conservative British influence still holds strong, especially when it comes to what people wear.

Bring plenty of beachwear, but be sure to wear it only on the beach. When leaving the beach, cover up. T-shirts and shorts are generally acceptable, but depending on where you go you may want to consider a few other styles. Always pack with a mind to light clothing, as you will be in a tropical climate, breathable clothes are best. There are no nude beaches.

Restaurants will expect resort attire, something a little bit more dressy than beachwear, but not necessarily formal. Further, travelers who would like to attend church should definitely bring their Sunday best. While ties are not needed for men, T-shirts and shorts are definitely not appropriate for anyone.

Remember that the Cayman Islands are a little bit conservative, especially when it comes to dress, and that light, tropical clothing is best.


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