All About Crime in the Cayman Islands

While the crime rates in the Cayman Islands are low, a few guidelines help ensure your safety

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Cayman Islands Crime

The Cayman Islands have traditionally had one of the world's lowest crime rates, but in recent years the frequency and severity of crime encountered in even these tiny islands have noticeably increased.

The occurrence of crime is still far less than what travelers would encounter in a major U.S. city, however, so feel free to relax and enjoy your time - just make sure to use common sense.

The most prevalent types of crime that occur on these islands are petty theft, sexual assault, and drug offenses. Although petty theft is not common, it does happen. Treat travel in the Cayman Islands as you would treat it in any other location. Do not leave valuables out in the open, and be careful around those you do not know.

The U.S. Consulate also warns vacationers about a new kind of crime that is beginning to appear on the Cayman Islands: sexual assaults using so-called "date rape" drugs. With only a few reported incidences, this is not yet a common problem. Nonetheless, women should not accept drinks from unfamiliar people and should keep an eye on their drinks at all times.

In the Cayman Islands, it is against the law for anyone to possess recreational drugs such as marijuana or cocaine.  Police rigorously enforce laws against illegal substances and people caught with these drugs typically face prison time.  Arrests of foreign citizens in the Cayman Islands commonly involve drug possession, use, or sale.  Stay safe and smart by avoiding illegal substances at all costs.

With these warnings in mind, travelers to the Cayman Islands rarely have trouble. The crime rate is relatively low and there are fewer pushy street vendors than can be found in other Caribbean destinations. The Cayman Islands are very peaceful and with just a little forethought, it's easy to avoid trouble.


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