Outlets and Voltage in the Cayman Islands

Electrical service in the Cayman Islands meets the same standards as that found in the U.S.

Photo credit: © Nikola Bilic | Dreamstime.com

Cayman Islands Electricity

Most vacationers travel to the Cayman Islands with a few electronic devices that need to be plugged in, such as a lap top or hair dryer.  Nothing is worse than going to plug in an appliance, just to find out your power cord is not compatible with the wall plug.

The electrical service in the Cayman Islands is110 volts/60 cycles, the same as that found in the United States.

Standard electric wall plugs found in the Caymans are also similar to those in the United States. In fact, many of the appliances and electronics available in the Cayman Islands have been imported from the United States, making for easy transitions for U.S. visitors. European vacationers will, however, require adapters and transformers. Some hotels provide them for their visitors, but bringing your own equipment is recommended.

Power outages in the Cayman Islands are not frequent and tend to coincide with larger, uncontrollable weather phenomena, such as hurricanes and tropical storms. But mostly vacationers should find few problems with power service in the area.

Knowing whether or not you need to bring an adapter to the Cayman Islands will save you the trouble of trying to plug in an electronic device only to find out it doesn't fit.  Call your hotel in advance just in order to ensure you won't be making a run to the nearest electronics shop.


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