Food in the Cayman Islands

When dining in the Cayman Islands, the key word is 'diversity'

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Food in the Cayman Islands

On the Cayman Islands, sunny beaches, diverse wetlands, and gorgeous reefs ensure a variety of tropical habitats and activities for visitors. For as many fun and leisure options that are available on the Caymans, diners will find an equal number of restaurant styles and possibilities for satisfying every taste.


Diners who prefer a very casual dining experience may be interested in the small local restaurants with diverse menus developed with tourists in mind. These types of eateries offer burgers and pizza alongside local favorites such as spicy pepperpot and fried conch. An average meal costs less than $15(USD) per person. Fast food is also available on the major island, Grand Cayman, for guests looking for a familiar, inexpensive bite to eat.

Moderately priced dining in the Cayman Islands usually includes beach side or open-air seating. The menus generally reflect the various cultural influences on the island and may range from English 'pasties' (a meat dish) to Jamaican-inspired jerk chicken. The cost of dining in a mid-range restaurant is between $15(USD) and $25(USD).

Upscale restaurants are relatively new to the islands, but world-class chefs have made the Cayman Islands a great spot for international cuisine. These establishments usually offer traditional gourmet menus made with exotic local fare. Visitors should expect to pay more than $30(USD) per person for a meal at one of the Caymans' more tony restaurants.

There are over 300 restaurants throughout the Cayman Islands, and over 200 of them are located on Grand Cayman.  You can map out your dining route by visiting our A to Z: Hotels in Detail page, where you can search for your hotel and find a list of restaurants that surround your accommodations while reading up on other details about the locale including if there is a restaurant on site.  On Cayman Brac, visitors will notice a few small restaurants around the island, plus two hotel restaurants.  You can find out about hotels with dining on-site by checking our Best Hotels for Dining Options section.  Finally, Little Cayman has one main restaurant near the airport, and a few smaller eateries at hotels and clubs.

Culinary Styles

Dining in the Caribbean can be expensive, particularly on the Cayman Islands where many ingredients must be imported. Travelers should have no problem finding moderately priced meals but are reminded that local specialties such as fish, conch, and turtle will be more affordable since they are readily available on the islands.  In fact, turtle is the national dish, and is cultivated on local farms, as not to disturb the wild turtle population. As vacationers eat their way through the islands, they'll begin to notice that many restaurants offer a mixture of local Caribbean fare, and many international favorites.  The Caymans have lovingly termed this "Continental Caribbean Cuisine."  Learn more about food on the Cayman Islands at our article about Culinary Styles in the Cayman Islands.


Drinks in the Cayman Islands are not especially different than those you will find back home.  There are a few that stand out, however.  Fruit juices, for example, are often freshly squeezed, made from local produce, so their freshness is undeniable.  Rum is the alcoholic beverage of choice on the islands, often mixed into specialty drinks, and even fruit smoothies. 

Regardless of whether vacationers are searching for a quiet, romantic dinner for two or an affordable meal for the whole family, there are countless ways to dine in the Cayman Islands.


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