Need Help Making Decisions for Your Trip to the Cayman Islands?

Cayman Islands visitors should weigh a few decisions before their vacations

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Travelers looking for historic sites may be a bit disappointed by a trip to the Cayman Islands, but those excited by the prospect of plenty of underwater activity will find themselves in just the right spot. With the help of your research you'll make informed decisions about how you'll plan your Cayman vacation.

You can find a little bit of something for everyone in the Cayman Islands, but knowing where to look is the first step. Travelers may find that their favorite activities are far from each other, but perhaps one is nearer to a preferable style of accommodation, or is a better suit to the style of your vacation.

Narrow Your Search

For activities-oriented travelers, doing research will help you narrow the area of the Caymans you'd most like to visit by showing you where your favorite activities are found.

While most Cayman Islands travelers will stop in on Grand Cayman Island, not everyone will stop in at the smaller islands. To get there travelers may need to use small, island-hopping propeller planes, which does deter some tourist traffic. The large number of direct flights to Grand Cayman make it the most popular, but travelers should never overlook what's available on Cayman Brac or Little Cayman.

Another consideration is not just the number of tourists who frequent each location, but the type of accommodations available. Certain areas of each island will have their own basic styles of accommodations, but some styles may be extremely difficult to track down near popular activities.


The most popular way to reach the Cayman Islands is by air. For this reason, travelers will most often arrive and stay on Grand Cayman. Those who go to the smaller islands will fly as well, to smaller airstrips on those islands. However, plenty of travelers also arrive by sea.

Cruise travelers will need to consider their time wisely. Cruises rarely spend much time in port, so you'll be very limited in what time you have. Multiple activities may be hard to accomplish in the time allotted on the island. Time will be the main concern for cruise travelers.

Meanwhile, sailors are, comparatively, made of time. If you've sailed your own craft to the Cayman Islands, it's up to you to budget your own time. You'll only be limited by where you can dock your boat, and how long you have for your whole journey.

On the Islands

When considering a Caribbean vacation, determining simply which country to visit can be the most difficult decision. Travelers to the Cayman Islands will need to focus on their particular trip.

Whether the accommodation, location, or activities are the most important aspect of your vacation, the others will always be important as well. Is an all-inclusive resort stay top of the list? Or is the most important thing to be secluded far away from the hustle and bustle of Seven Mile Beach.  Travelers searching for the best snorkeling will need to find their perfect location as well.

Further, you'll need to consider who you plan to travel with. Families with children will want to search for family-friendly locations, while couples may want something a bit more secluded. Groups will likely want to stay someplace central, where people with all different tastes can find fun activities. These will be decisions the vacation planner will need to make.

With these decisions made there's only one more step between you and your incredible Cayman Islands vacation. You'll need to book your travel, and there are plenty of options to begin with there as well.


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