Planning Your Vacation in the Cayman Islands

Travelers get a lot out of planning ahead for their visits to the Cayman Islands

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Cayman Islands Travel Planning

Few would claim their favorite vacation experience was planning the journey; however, planning is one thing you can do to help improve the quality of your visit once you reach the Cayman Islands.

There are a number of different reasons that the Cayman Islands are a popular vacation spot.  Some people visit the islands because they are some of the best in the world with regards to scuba diving.  Others may have found a great vacation package deal, and still others have an attraction they can't wait to see, like Dolphin Discovery where they can swim with dolphins.  Whatever your reason, a little pre-trip planning will go a long way.  This step in the vacation building process can be divided into several distinctive parts.

Getting Info

First you'll need to do a bit of research. Not only will you learn about the Cayman Islands, you'll also begin to figure out your own personal preferences for what you'll do on the island. Research will keep you informed on details you'll need to know, like when the best time to travel is, or the best travel methods.  You can find this information in a variety of locales, from this website and other official Cayman Island web productions, to travel brochures, magazines, and books that can be reserved at your local library or book store.

Consider the type of vacation you want to have and go from there.  If you are interested in learning about the natural side of the Caymans during your trip, center your focus on eco-tourism, while those who plan to spend each day discovering a new beach may want to do a comparison of the islands' beaches before deciding which locales are right for them.  You may also want to pay attention to maps of the Cayman Islands, which will help you plan where you'll stay to be closest to all of the attractions you want to visit most. 


Another very important step in the vacation planning process is setting your budget.  The amount of money you have to spend can mean the difference between a luxury resort and express hotel; determine where you'll eat, and which activities you can participate in.  Don't forget to plan some pocket money for souvenirs, unexpected activities you may come across, and of course, for gratuities.

Making Decisions

Once you've found out everything you'll need to know about the island, consider what you liked best. Whether you're searching for a family vacation or a private getaway, you'll still need to decide how you'd like your vacation to go, from choices like how you'll reach the Caymans to where you'll stay, and what you'll do when you're there.  The research you did in the first step will make it easier for you to make all of these decisions.

Booking Your Trip

When the decision-making process is over, you'll need to book your journey. With so many options to choose from, many travelers can feel overwhelmed. Here again your research should help you decipher what best suits your needs.  There are plenty of Internet vendors that allow you to book your flight, your hotel, and your rental car all with the click of a button.  A travel agent will be able to help you with all of this, plus set you up with tours and more.  You can also do it all yourself by calling each vendor individually.  The choice is yours and depends entirely on what you feel most comfortable with.

After researching the Cayman Islands, setting your budget, making decisions regarding your itinerary, and booking your journey, you're ready to go! 


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