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Seeing the Cayman Islands is no problem with affordable, reliable rental cars

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Vacationers who relish the opportunity to strike out on their own to do some island exploring should consider renting a car. There are plenty of agencies in the Caymans, from large, well-known national companies to smaller locations that sometimes offer the best rates.

The island chain known as the Cayman Islands actually consists of three islands: the major island of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. Travelers interested in visiting the two smaller islands should note that rental cars are the only major transportation option available there, as taxis and buses do not operate on these islands.

Streets on the islands should be approached from the left, in the British style. Many foreigners may be pleasantly surprised to discover that drivers in the Cayman Islands are known for being exceptionally courteous. Vacationers should also be aware that a mandatory seat belt law is in effect on all of the islands. The law applies to the driver and all passengers. Those traveling with small children should be aware the it is against the law for a child to be in a moving vehicle without the proper child safety restraint device. Check with the company you plan to rent you car from before hand, as some companies offer car seats and boosters seats for rent, saving you the hassle of checking a car seat at the airport.

Renting a Car

Rental cars are extremely popular because they give visitors such independence. This popularity means that most agencies require advance reservations. Particularly during the peak winter season, it is never too early to ensure that a car will be available.

The chart below lists the vehicle rental agencies in this general area.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location Island
Andy's Rent a Car (345) 949-8111 325 Owen Roberts Drive - 2.0 mi. (3.2 km) North of Georgetown Grand Cayman
Avis Owen Roberts (345) 949-2468 Owen Roberts International Airport - Georgetown Grand Cayman
Avis at the Marriott (345) 945-0684 Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort - 2.1 mi. (3.3 km) North of Georgetown Grand Cayman
Budget Rent A Car Of Grand Cayman (345) 949-5605 Airport Road - Georgetown Grand Cayman
Cayman Auto Rentals (345) 949-1013 Church Street - Georgetown Grand Cayman
Cb Rent-A-Car (345) 948-2424 Gerrard Smith Airport - West End Cayman Brac
Coconut Car Rentals Ltd (345) 949-7703 480 Shedden Road - Georgetown Grand Cayman
Dollar Rent-A-Car (345) 949-4790 Owen Roberts Airport - Georgetown Grand Cayman
Economy Car Rental (345) 949-9550 Roberts Drive - Georgetown Grand Cayman
Four D'S Car Rentals (345) 948-1599 South Side - Cayman Brac Cayman Brac
Godfrey's Enterprise Ltd (345) 949-7953 48 Elgin Avenue - Georgetown Grand Cayman
Gt Leasing Ltd (345) 945-3415 52 Godfrey Nixon Way - Georgetown Grand Cayman
Hertz Owen Roberts Airport (855) 212-1713 Owen Roberts International Airport - Georgetown Grand Cayman
Hertz Seven Mile Beach (345) 947-4378 18 Palm Heights - Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman
Marshall's Rent A Car (345) 949-0550 Airport Plaza - Georgetown Grand Cayman
National Car Rental (345) 945-7368 Grand Cayman Grand Cayman
Payless Car Rental (345) 949-5471 Grand Cayman Grand Cayman
Thrifty Georgetown (345) 949-6640 Airport Center - Georgetown Grand Cayman

To rent a car, you must obtain a driving permit by presenting proof of a valid license issued by your home country and a fee of $7.50(USD). Permits are often available from the agencies themselves. Potential renters should also be aware that many companies will not rent to drivers under the age of 25. Some will rent to licensed drivers as young as 21, but they may charge an additional daily or fixed rate fee.

Requirements and restrictions can vary. If you are concerned about minimum and maximum age restrictions, insurance requirements and the like, consider contacting each firm directly, before making a final decision.

The Cost of Renting a Car

Rates are fairly stable and should be between $50(USD) and $70(USD) per day during the winter season. Summer rates are generally discounted quite a bit. Many rental companies may be able to offer weekly rates, which can be a great value.

Gas Stations

When budgeting for a rental car, remember to factor in additional costs such as gasoline. Parking difficulties should also be carefully considered. Although most areas of the islands are not crowded, it is not always easy to find a parking space in the more urban areas such as George Town.

Gas stations in and around the Cayman Islands are luckily quite easy to find. Be sure to check the listing below to see where some of the companies are located. the table

Gas Stations
Name Phone Location Island
Bodden Town Gas Station -- 1.1 mi. (1.8 km) East-Southeast of Bodden Town Grand Cayman
Brown's Esso Industrial Park (345) 949-2105 Airport Industrial Park - Grand Cayman Grand Cayman
Delworth Esso (345) 949-2748 North Church Street - Georgetown Grand Cayman
Eastern Texaco & Starmart (345) 949-4262 Eastern Avenue - Georgetown Grand Cayman
Esso -- 2.4 mi. (3.9 km) North of Georgetown Grand Cayman
Esso Standard Oil S A Ltd (345) 949-8373 South Church Street - Georgetown Grand Cayman
Mctaggart Texaco (345) 949-2120 435 Walkers Road - Georgetown Grand Cayman
Mike Esso On The Run -- Georgetown Grand Cayman
Old Man Bay Gas Station -- Old Man Bay Grand Cayman
Savannah Texaco (345) 947-3660 Savannah Grand Cayman
Scotts Landing (345) 943-3743 612 North Sound Road - Georgetown Grand Cayman
Texaco -- 2.1 mi. (3.4 km) North of Georgetown Grand Cayman
Texaco (345) 949-0175 454 West Bay Road - Georgetown Grand Cayman
Texaco Shedden Road (345) 945-7448 282 Shedden Road - Georgetown Grand Cayman
Tib-Mart Gas Station (345) 948-0323 Watering Place - Tibbetts Turn Cayman Brac
West End Texaco (345) 948-1338 West End Cayman Brac

Nonetheless, the independence that rental cars afford travelers is invaluable, and the convenience of having a vehicle at your own disposal is undeniable.

Each island in the Cayman Islands can be a little different when it comes to renting a car. Take a look at the guides below to help you figure the ins and outs.

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