Restaurants in the Cayman Islands

A great variety of restaurants can be found throughout the Cayman Islands

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Cayman Islands Restaurants

The Cayman Islands are an ideal vacation spot for all types of travelers. From romantic getaways to family vacations, the scenery and activities never disappoint. Caribbean restaurants are as diverse as its visitors.

Legendary hospitality and impeccable cuisine have made the dining experience on the islands truly unforgettable.  Not only do local restaurants serve up a collection of island fare such as pepperpot, turtle stew, johnny cakes, and flitters, but there are a bevvy of international offerings that will please every palate.  If you are interested in learning just what type of cuisine to expect during your Cayman vacation, visit our guide to Culinary Styles in the Cayman Islands.

Visitors should adhere to a general dress code while dining in the Cayman Islands. Beachwear is not appropriate at any time in a restaurant or bar, and shorts should not be worn for dinner, though they are usually permissible during the day. "Smart casual" is a good rule of thumb for evening meals: slacks for gentlemen, sundresses or slacks for ladies. In the high season, a jacket may be required at some of the more expensive establishments.

Restaurants on the island can be extremely busy, particularly during the peak winter season, so vacationers are advised to make reservations well in advance to ensure that tables are available. Booking a table in advance can be made easy by such means as faxing reservations to restaurants before you even leave home. Hotels with concierge on staff should be able to give personalized recommendations and make reservations for their guests, as well.  Our Restaurant Directory allows you to search restaurants by name, or if you are interested in a particular cuisine, click here.

The dispersion of restaurants throughout the islands is directly related to the population of each island.  Grand Cayman, the most popularly inhabited and visited is home to over 200 of the 300 restaurants in the Caymans.  These restaurants are found distributed evenly throughout the landscape, both as stand alone facilities, and on hotel properties. 

If you are still undecided where to stay, you can learn about restaurants at specific hotels in several ways. First, consider visiting our article listing the Best Hotels for Dining Options. Or, select hotels that interest you from our extensive list (A to Z: Hotels in Detail), and read about their restaurants, as well as other nearby dining options within our detailed discussion of each property.

On Cayman Brac, there are a few small eateries, plus two buffet restaurants at the hotels.  Little Brac's main restaurant is located near the airport: the Hungry Iguana.  Little Cayman Beach Resort, Pirates Point, Sam McCoy's Lounge, and Southern Cross Club are where the other dining options are located.

Menu prices may be quoted in either Caymanian or U.S. dollars. The exchange rate makes the difference noteworthy, and travelers should ask the restaurant staff which currency the price refers to. Many establishments do not accept credit cards, so be sure to have cash on hand. Restaurants that do allow credit card payments may assess an additional fee for the convenience. Diners should not be surprised to find a service charge of 15 percent added to the bill. Adding the waitstaff's gratuities to the check is a common practice in the Caribbean.

Liquor and other spirits are imported to the Cayman Islands and can therefore be expensive. A few drinks with dinner can double the tab, and travelers who are on a budget should think twice before ordering cocktails or nightcaps in restaurants or hotel bars.

At the close of a long vacation day, hungry travelers will be delighted to discover that the food, service, and atmosphere found in restaurants in the Cayman Islands deserve their world-class reputation.

Restaurants By Cuisine
Cuisine Restaurants Locations
American 38 Restaurants West Bay, Seven Mile Beach, Georgetown, Crystal Harbour, Savannah, West End, Cayman Kai, downtown Georgetown, Grand Cayman
Asian 3 Restaurants Seven Mile Beach, downtown Georgetown, Georgetown
Asian Fusion 1 Restaurant Seven Mile Beach
Australian 1 Restaurant East End
Brazilian 1 Restaurant Grand Cayman
Caribbean 54 Restaurants Breakers, Gun Bay, West Bay, Seven Mile Beach, Batabano, Georgetown, Crystal Harbour, Colliers, Rum Point, Little Cayman, Cayman Brac, Grand Harbour, West End, Cayman Kai, Bodden Town, Blossom Village, downtown Georgetown, East End
Cayman 8 Restaurants Seven Mile Beach, downtown Georgetown, Georgetown, Gun Bay, West Bay
Chinese 5 Restaurants Seven Mile Beach, Georgetown, Grand Harbour, West End, West Bay
Continental 4 Restaurants Seven Mile Beach, Georgetown, West End
European 1 Restaurant West End
French 1 Restaurant Seven Mile Beach
Fusion 3 Restaurants East End, Georgetown, Colliers
Greek 1 Restaurant Seven Mile Beach
Indian 3 Restaurants Seven Mile Beach, Georgetown
International 39 Restaurants Breakers, West Bay, Seven Mile Beach, Georgetown, Gun Bay, Little Cayman, Cayman Brac, Grand Harbour, Cayman Kai, Blossom Village, downtown Georgetown
Irish 1 Restaurant Georgetown
Italian 15 Restaurants West Bay, Seven Mile Beach, Batabano, Georgetown, Savannah, Grand Harbour, West End, downtown Georgetown, Grand Cayman
Jamaican 5 Restaurants Bodden Town, Georgetown
Japanese 4 Restaurants Seven Mile Beach, Georgetown
Latin American 1 Restaurant Georgetown
Mediterranean 5 Restaurants Seven Mile Beach
Mexican 3 Restaurants Seven Mile Beach, Georgetown
Middle Eastern 2 Restaurants Seven Mile Beach
Pan Asian / Pacific Rim 1 Restaurant Seven Mile Beach
Spanish 1 Restaurant Georgetown
Tex-Mex 1 Restaurant Seven Mile Beach
Thai 2 Restaurants downtown Georgetown, Georgetown
Contemporary 2 Restaurants Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Kai
Eclectic 6 Restaurants Seven Mile Beach, downtown Georgetown, Colliers, West Bay
Vegan 3 Restaurants Seven Mile Beach, Georgetown
Vegetarian 5 Restaurants Seven Mile Beach, Georgetown

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