Jamaican Cuisine in the Cayman Islands

Almost everywhere in the Cayman Islands, you'll be impressed by the wide selection of restaurant gems preparing local ingredients. If you're admittedly obsessed with Jamaican food, you should check out the restaurants offering this cuisine on the menu. Easily browse the Jamaican offerings in the Cayman Islands and similar specialties, below.

With many options, from the very casual backdrop at Season to the Bone to the fresh bites for breakfast, dinner and lunch at Island Taste Patty Shop, there's a menu suited for each guest and every mood.

Use the list below to preview the group of popular establishments where guests can grab Jamaican food. See one that catches your eye? Click its name to discover the details about its ambiance, food, and what's located nearby.

Island Taste Patty Shop

Georgetown | (345) 949-1480

Located a quarter mile east of downtown Georgetown, Island Taste Patty Shop is a viable choice that's worth considering if you're thinking about spending some time visiting this part of the city and its environs. After a long day, it's really convenient that this awesome bakery is pretty casual, and that's good because guests won't need more than comfortable clothes and a healthy appetite to order delicious, down-to-earth eats.

Beef patties, the specialty item at Island Taste Restaurant, originated in Jamaica as the working mans food of choice. Now, diners have the option of enjoying a patty with a number of different fillings, as well as a few seafood offerings as well.

"Cook Food" Little Cayman

Blossom Village | (345) 326-6300

"Cook Food" Little Cayman

"Cook Food" Little Cayman is located in Blossom Village, a neighborhood on Little Cayman. Not only do they have festive fare including Jamaican creations and one favorite, home cooking, but here they're also known for putting out great seafood.

"Cook Food" Little Cayman offers visitors a huge variety of delicious meals, all cooked in a traditional Cayman-style. Customers can choose from one of these dishes cooked daily for lunch or dinner: Stew Conch, Curry or Butter Spiny Caribbean Lobster or Shrimp, Stew Turtle, Cayman-style Beef, Jamaican-style Oxtail, Curry Goat, Curry Beef, Curry Chicken, Cowfoot, Cayman-style Salt Beef and beans, Pigstail and red beans, Coconut dinner, Salt beef rundown, Fish rundown, as well as local seafood soups. All of these dishes are served with white rice or rice and beans, and you can also order a side of Breadfruit, Cassava, Green Banana, Mac & Cheese or vegetables. Customers are encouraged to call, text or Facebook message Cook Food to receive information about the daily specials and then from there, you can place an order for pick-up or delivery.

For special arrangements, "Cook Food" will cook for one person or groups of tourists to be delivered! Whether you are a resident or visitor staying at a condo, home or one of the many resorts (Little Cayman Beach Resort, Southern Cross Club, Pirates Point, The Club,Conch Club, Sunset Cove, Paradise Villas, Airport) planning a picnic at Point of Sand or Owens Island on Little Cayman, they will cater for you. A delivery fee applies East of power plant (CI$4 ~ $6) and FREE delivery West of island were the major population resides.

Season to the Bone

Georgetown | (345) 326-6094

Located south of downtown Georgetown, Season to the Bone is a viable choice for people exploring this part of the city. Hoping to indulge a bit on barbecue during your stay? No matter your expectations for dining, remember the name Season to the Bone and make it the one stop that you'll each love for a different reason.

This laid back eatery allows you to order your food at the counter then dine outside.

Rankin's Jerk Pit

Georgetown | (345) 947-3155

Rankin's Jerk Pit is at 3032 Shamrock Road. This enigmatic eatery can show multiple sides, so yes they're offering Jamaican cooking and their signature staple of barbecue, but we shouldn't forget they're also known for chicken.


Bodden Town | 939-

Chester's is found in the heart of Bodden Town. Fresh seafood and Jamaican cuisine play nicely together at this friendly eatery.

Similar Food

Sunshine Grill

Also worth considering if you really love Jamaican food, you may enjoy the distinct yet similar flavor profiles at local places like these:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location Island
Cobalt Coast Restaurant (345) 946-5656 Caribbean 6.6 mi. North of Central downtown Georgetown Grand Cayman
Sunshine Grill (345) 946-5848 Caribbean 3.5 mi. North of Central Georgetown Grand Cayman
Craft Market Cafe (345) 945-7109 Cayman Downtown Georgetown Grand Cayman
Golden Jerk -- Caribbean 0.3 mi. West of Central West End Cayman Brac
Liberty's (345) 949-3226 Caribbean 5.8 mi. North of Central Georgetown Grand Cayman
Heritage Kitchen by the Sea (345) 916-0444 Caribbean 5.7 mi. North of Central Georgetown Grand Cayman
Edoardo's (345) 945-4408 Caribbean 3.1 mi. North of Central Georgetown Grand Cayman
Calypso Grill (345) 949-3948 Cayman 6.1 mi. North of Central Georgetown Grand Cayman
The Wharf (345) 949-2231 Caribbean 0.8 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown Grand Cayman
Bus-Side Buffet (345) 945-7965 Caribbean 0.6 mi. Southeast of Downtown Georgetown Grand Cayman

Despite your dining plans, you may find the best kitchens, cafes, and dining rooms in the Cayman Islands are the ones that you find suddenly while trekking the town of your choice. But, having the names of some tasty-sounding cafes and bars in your plans, will prevent a desperate search for food. To learn even more about the types of food waiting for you, check out this page.


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