Wanna Talk in the Cayman Islands?

In the Cayman Islands, reliable telephone service comes standard

Photo credit: © viviP

While tucked away in the tropical Caymans, many travelers are delighted to discover that they are never too far from the comforts of home. Providing telephone and e-mail access is just another way that the Cayman Islands cater to visitors.

International and Local Calling

Calls placed to the Cayman Islands from other countries should begin with a "1" followed by the international country code of "345."

Once on the Islands, travelers may call their home countries or any other international destination by dialing '00' before the relevant country code. For example, visitors calling England would begin the call by pressing "00" + "44" before dialing the direct telephone number. Surcharges on international calls placed from hotels can be quite high; travelers are advised to inquire about the fees before placing calls.

Of course, local calls require neither an access number nor a country code and can be placed from anywhere in the Cayman Islands. Note that this also includes calls placed from island to island.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phone service in the Cayman Islands may not work with many of the GMS and TDMA network phones that are popular in Europe and North America. Fortunately, cellular telephones can be rented upon arrival in the Islands. Rates and plans are available to fit nearly every budget and vacation. Daily rates should start around $10(USD).

Internet Access

On Grand Cayman, the largest of the islands, many of the hotels and resorts provide Internet service in one form or another. Some have centrally-located business centers while others offer in-room access for guests who opted to bring their own computers and equipment.

Travelers staying at a hotel without Internet service should not despair. Internet cafes are widely available in the Cayman Islands, enabling visitors to send and receive e-mail from almost anywhere their adventures take them. The cost of using these facilities can vary a great deal, but $10(USD) per hour seems to be a fairly average price.

The Cayman Islands are generally well connected to each other and to the wider world. Vacationers should have no trouble staying in touch with friends and loved ones at home.


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