Tipping and Gratuities in the Cayman Islands

Service charges take the place of tipping in many Cayman Island locations

Photo credit: © Elina | Dreamstime.com

When traveling in the Cayman Islands, you'll want to be sure to include gratuities in your budget. Knowing the traditions of tipping in the islands can come in handy.


While goods and services aren't taxed in the Cayman Islands, hotel rooms are. Expect a 10 percent government tax to be added to the cost of your room. Hotels may include an additional 10 percent service charge as well.  Even so, porters, and bellmen will still be expecting a $2(USD) tip when they assist you, and you should leave your chambermaid at least $2(USD) per day.  Leave the tip each day before you leave your room, because it is possible a different maid will be cleaning your room each day.


Restaurants often add a 10 to 15 percent service charge in lieu of asking customers to tip, however, if the service charge is not added, a tip is expected.  A 15 percent tip is the norm in the Cayman Islands, however, if you receive exceptional service, do not hesitate to tip more.  If you are confused by your bill, and unsure if a service charge was added, simply as your server to go over the bill with you.


In the Cayman Islands, taxis are not metered,  Instead, the operate on fluctuating rates that are posted within the cab.  Prior to taking off, you may want to speak to the driver and agree on the fee for the trip.  At that point, know that you will also be expected to tip your driver an additional 10 to 15 percent for his or her services.

Keep these tips on tips in mind as you are out exploring the Cayman Islands.  Your small contribution goes a long way to encouraging the tourism industry and the local economy. 


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