Rain in the Cayman Islands

Annual Rainfall in the Cayman Islands

Photo credit: © Ramunas Bruzas | Dreamstime.com

Is there ever a bad time to visit the Cayman Islands?  The short answer is no.  Although the summer months are slightly less desirable thanks to higher, dryer temperatures and elevated rainfall averages, on the whole, the weather is quite lovely year round.

Rain is often a deciding factor for tourists who plan to spend their vacation days on the beach or outdoors exploring.  No one wants their day in the sand turned into a murky mess thanks to hours of relentless rain.  Even in the “rainy season” this is rarely an issue.  

During this time, between the months of May and October, rainfall averages are between five and eight inches, but these numbers are cumulative.  Rain comes in short bursts, with warm showers falling for short amounts of time in the afternoon, and many people find it a refreshing way to take the edge of what can be an intense sun.  Thunderstorms are not common here, so even when it does rain, you can keep at your outdoor activities if you don't getting a bit wet or carrying around an umbrella. 

Rainfall Monthly Averages
        % Days with
Month Average
Rain Tstorm
January 2.3 N.A. N.A. 13.3 3.0
February 1.7 N.A. N.A. 12.3 1.0
March 1.2 N.A. N.A. 8.2 3.0
April 1.9 N.A. N.A. 6.5 3.0
May 5.1 N.A. N.A. 16.1 8.0
June 7.2 N.A. N.A. 18.1 11.0
July 7.0 N.A. N.A. 17.9 23.0
August 6.7 N.A. N.A. 23.3 23.0
September 8.3 N.A. N.A. 23.3 21.0
October 9.3 N.A. N.A. 22.4 11.0
November 4.7 N.A. N.A. 20.9 4.0
December 2.3 N.A. N.A. 11.5 4.0
Annual 57.8 N.A. N.A. 16.2 10.0

Don't let potential rainfall dictate whether or not you have a good vacation.  Inside, arrive prepared for any type of weather and your backup plan for stormy days will keep you from feeling as though you wasted time on the islands.


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