Shopping in Chaguanas

Even among locals, Chaguanas is the number one choice for all of their shopping needs.  If you're in need of a gift, a souvenir, or something unique for a special event, this town with its bazaar feel is really the place to go.  The large open market allows visitors to do some bargain shopping, sample local produce, and come away with items they might never be able to find back home.

Meanwhile, there are a few strip malls forming throughout the town with international chains that still offer affordable goods.  The most interesting thing about shopping here is the number of Indian businesses around.  If you've got an affinity for things from the East, you'll definitely like what you find to buy in Chaguanas.  

Gifts and Souvenirs

The following table enables you to get more information on the 8 of the gift and souvenir shops in Chaguanas.

Gifts and Souvenirs In Chaguanas
Name Phone Location
Apadoca's Gift Shop (868) 634-2080 Chaguanas
Deja Vu Card & Gift Shoppe (868) 672-3352 Chaguanas
Fay's Gift Shoppe (868) 672-1608 Chaguanas
Gift City (868) 665-8179 Chaguanas
Home Shop (868) 671-1047 Chaguanas
Planet Agencies Ltd (868) 665-0102 Chaguanas
The House Of Craft (868) 665-5720 Chaguanas
Wishful Things (868) 665-5172 Chaguanas

Specialty Shops

One of the popular specialty retailers in this area is Anand's Gold and Diamond Collection. This venue is found within Chaguanas. One of the most well known jewelry stores in the nation, Anand's Gold and Diamond Collection is a trusted spot for anyone looking for fine jewelry at honest prices. The knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you find just the thing for you or your special someone. You'll be able to find them on Main Road.

Another option is Anand's Gold and Diamond Collection, which is found 0.6 mi. (1.0 km) from Anand's Gold and Diamond Collection. Anand's organizes their offerings around collections that include their famous bridal collection of engagement rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry perfect for weddings. Other collections include the 22 Karat Collection, the Agate Collection, and the Genuine Gemstone Collection. If you want to be sure they're open , call them at (868) 299-3800.

The table just below summarizes more information on the the specialty shops in Chaguanas.

Specialty Shops In Chaguanas
Name Type Phone Location
A Baksh Jewelery & Variety Shop Jewelry Store (868) 672-2369 Chaguanas
Anand's Gold and Diamond Collection Jewelry Store (868) 299-2900 0.7 mi. South-Southwest of Central Chaguanas
Anand's Gold and Diamond Collection Jewelry Store (868) 299-3800 Central Chaguanas
Bhagwat & Sons Jewellers Jewelry Store (868) 665-4103 Chaguanas
Christine Samuel-Khan Jewelry Store (868) 671-0445 Central Chaguanas
Jankie's Jewellery Jewelry Store (868) 672-3129 Chaguanas
Kerry Collins Unique Art Studio/Gallery Art Gallery (868) 721-0107 Chaguanas
Khan's Gold Designs Jewellery Jewelry Store (868) 671-0445 Chaguanas
Leisha's Jewellery Jewelry Store (868) 671-8778 Chaguanas
Mahase Jewellery & Gift Shop Jewelry Store (868) 636-7406 Chaguanas
Nick's Water Sports Dive Shop (868) 743-7334 Chaguanas
Sonah's Jewellery & Gift Centre Jewelry Store (868) 665-9436 Chaguanas
Style & Quality Jewellery Jewelry Store (868) 672-1415 Central Chaguanas
Tiana's Jewellery Jewelry Store (868) 672-9822 Central Chaguanas
Vishala's Jewellery & Gift Centre Jewelry Store (868) 665-3781 Chaguanas
Zidane's Jewellery & Gift Collection Jewelry Store (868) 665-9478 Chaguanas
Zuri Jewelry Store (868) 671-2742 Chaguanas

Clothing and Apparel

Looking for some clothing? Consider dropping by Tish's Fashion -- it's located in Chaguanas. With an eye for the diverse fashions of Trinidad and Tobago, Tish's Fashion has amassed an eclectic selection of clothing for the women of the islands to choose from. Whether classic and subdued, or vibrant and edgy, you'll find something to suit your style at this boutique. The property is situated at 4 Max Street .

Many of the apparel shops in Chaguanas are listed here:

Clothing and Apparel In Chaguanas
Name Type Phone Location
Abraham's Boutique (868) 672-7646 Enterprise, 2.3 mi. East-Southeast of Central Chaguanas
Bahal Anesa Boutique (868) 671-1778 Chaguanas
Bally's Hi Fashion Clothing Store (868) 671-7776 Chaguanas
Easy Wear Clothing Store (868) 671-9668 Chaguanas
Estilo & Flava Boutique (868) 665-1152 Chaguanas
Fadia's Boutique Boutique (868) 665-6024 Chaguanas
Fashion 1st Place Clothing Store (868) 671-4411 Chaguanas
Hypnotic Fashions Clothing Store (868) 672-6622 Chaguanas
Kids Styles Clothing Store (868) 671-0392 Chaguanas
Moods Boutique (868) 671-9214 Chaguanas
Nicole's Family Boutique Boutique (868) 636-2136 Downtown Port of Spain, 1.4 mi. North of Central Chaguanas
Pretty Dan Boutique (868) 672-2402 Chaguanas
R A K Fashions Clothing Store (868) 671-9680 Chaguanas
Sportit Boutique (868) 672-1417 Central Chaguanas
Suzy's Fashions Boutique (868) 653-8354 Chaguanas
Tish's Fashion Boutique (868) 672-0374 Chaguanas
Valeskas Exclusive Boutique (868) 665-8430 Chaguanas
Valu Rite Boutique Boutique (868) 672-3576 Central Chaguanas

Food and Grocery

Need to pick up some food supplies? Bakery Treatz is situated in Chaguanas. If you're craving something sweet, head on over to Bakery Treatz where you will find a wide array of freshly baked goods and confections. Guests can find them at 75 Rodney Road .

Another possibility is Vanilla Bean Gourmet Store, which is located just next door to Bakery Treatz. This shop is open from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. They are located at 145 Munroe Road.

Check the following chart for more information.

Food and Grocery Stores In Chaguanas
Name Type Phone Location
Bakery Treatz Bakery (868) 672-9625 Chaguanas
Freshbake Foods Ltd Bakery (868) 665-6928 Chaguanas
J & S Bakery Bakery (868) 665-8954 Chaguanas
Jaglal's Supermarket Grocery Store (868) 673-0005 Chaguanas
Low Cost Supermarket Grocery Store Southern Main Rd Cunupia Chaguanas
Low Cost Supermarket (Cunupia) Ltd Grocery Store (868) 665-3469 Chaguanas
M & M Bakery Bakery (868) 672-4039 Chaguanas
Markey's Supermarket Grocery Store (868) 671-2696 Chaguanas
R & W Marketing Bakery (868) 368-4806 Chaguanas
Ramroop's Supermarket Grocery Store (868) 672-8640 Chaguanas
Ramsackal's Central Supermarket Grocery Store (868) 665-3374 Chaguanas
Syril Joseph's Shop Grocery Store (868) 665-0088 Chaguanas
The Creative Traders Ltd Grocery Store (868) 665-7777 Central Chaguanas
Vanilla Bean Gourmet Store Grocery Store (868) 693-0627 Central Chaguanas
Xtra Foods Supermarket Grocery Store (868) 665-7550 Chaguanas

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