Chaguanas Transportation Options

Plan ahead to make the most of Chaguana's transportation offerings

It has only been a few decades since Chaguanas began to grow as a major tourist destination on Trinidad, but thanks to the unique shopping offerings, a few annual cultural celebrations, and its location near Port of Spain, it is today one of the island's better known villages.  Because of this, transportation options are plentiful, making it easy even for those with strong opinions about their transportation to plan how they'll get to and around Chaguanas. 

Air Travel

Chaguanas is located about a half an hour from Trinidads only airport, which also happens to be the largest in the Caribbean and one of the most modern thanks to recent renovations.  Numerous flights from the United States and within the Caribbean are available with major airlines, but you can also travel from Canada and Europe.  Learn about the airport and how you can get to it by clicking here


There are two great marinas in Chaguanas for pleasure sailors to take advantage of, making this a recommended destination for those who have the desire to sail themselves to their vacation getaway.  The town is not, however, a port of entry, so you'll have to make a stop in Chaguaramas before reaching Chaguanas.  There, you'll meet with both immigration and customs officials in order to gain clearance.  When you have been approved, you'll be able to choose between docking at The Marina in Chaguanas and Tropical Marine.  Click here for more details. 


Chaguanas is not home to a cruise port, but Port of Spain is, and since the distance between these two towns is negligible, planning a trip here as part of a cruise stop is certainly manageable.  Because of the island's extreme southeast location in the Caribbean, you'll usually find Trinidad to be a port of call only on longer journeys, and it is rare that the “big name” cruise lines stop here.  It may take a little extra searching to seek out a cruise that stops here, but cruising is still big business here, and they roll out the red carpet for visitors making it a well-recommended cruise destination.

Rental Cars

In Chaguanas, you'll need to be over the age of 25 with two years of driving experience plus have a valid local driver's license or an international driver's license, and be prepared to put down a deposit of up to $500(USD).  Typical rental costs could be anywhere from $35 to $100(USD) a day.  The good thing about renting a car here is that the road conditions are pretty good, though if you're used to driving on the right side of the road the fact that traffic moves to the left could take some getting used to.  For more information about renting a car and driving around in Chaguanas, read this


Those visiting Chagunanas have two different options available to them when it comes to taxi services.  The first is the private taxi that most people from around the world are familiar with.  The second is a Maxi Taxi that is more like  small bus system that is public and allows passengers to get in some sightseeing while they ride.  Find out more about each option by reading our guide to Chaguanas Taxis


Although the public transportation system is based in Port of Spain, Chaguanas benefits from the service as well.  About once every hour a bus leaves from the main terminal in South Cay, providing locals and visitors a like with an air conditioned ride into town.  Transportation is also available to many other towns and villages on the island, costing anywhere from TT$2 to TT$12 depending on your destination.


Chaguanas does not directly benefit form a local ferry service, but if you're considering splitting your vacation between Trinidad and Tobago, you can head to Port of Spain to take the ferry over to Scarborough, Tobago.  It takes about two and a half hours to travel 20 miles, but costs just TT$35 for an adult, which is a great price.

While the transportation options in Chaguanas always seem to lead to Port of Spain, there are enough options within town to allows visitors to thrive and explore.  


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